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20 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina

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20 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina

My intention with this piece is to open up dialogue, educate women, and encourage us all to know, love, and celebrate our bodies. Enjoy the info, and please, pass it on!

  • The only cancer a Pap smear screens for is cervical cancer. It doesnít check your ovaries, your uterus, or your colon.
    What is HPV? An OBGYN explains here.
  • How much vaginal discharge you make varies widely. Some normal, healthy women spew loads of discharge and need to wear panty liners every day. Others are bone dry. As long as you are not at risk of STDs and you have no itching, burning, or odor, you’re probably just fine. If in doubt, see your gynecologist.
  • Every vulva is different and special. Some lips hang down. Some are tucked up neatly inside. All are beautiful. Donít even think about labiaplasty or ďvaginal rejuvenation surgery.Ē Youíre perfect just the way you are.
  • Most women donít have orgasms from intercourse alone. The clitoris is where the action is. Most women who do orgasm during sex have figured out how to with hitting the sweet spot, either from positioning or from direct stimulation of the clitoris with fingers.
  • If youíre hunting for your G Spot, be patient. Stimulating this area usually requires more time and deeper stimulation than most people think. Try using a finger in a ďcome hitherĒ motion to stimulate the front wall of the vagina, where the G spot lives. If you canít find it, donít worry. Youíre not alone. Many canít- and it’s definitely not critical to having a fulfilling romp in the hay.
  • How you choose to decorate is completely personal. Waxing, shaving, tattooing, piercing, or simply going au natural. It’s your choice, and don’t let anyone else pressure you into doing something that doesn’t resonate with you.
  • The vagina is like a bicep. Use it or lose it. If you donít have a partner, pick up a battery-operated boyfriend to help keep things healthy as you age. But don’t worry- it’s usually not an issue until after menopause, when fragile vaginal tissue can scar and shrink. If properly tended, your vagina will be able to pleasure you until the day you leave this life.
    5 Ways to Boost Your Libido
  • While men do pee out of the penis, women do not pee out of the vagina. Know your anatomy. There are three holes and countless other sexy structures. Find your way around on the Pretty Pink Pussy Tour. Get a hand mirror and go to town.
  • The vagina doesnít connect to your lung. If you lose something in there, donít worry. Reach in all the way and pull it out. Do not- I repeat- do not, go hunting for whatever youíve lost with a pair of plyers. If you think you put something in there and you canít find it, chances are good that itís simply not there. Think of your vagina as being like a sock. If you lose a banana in a sockÖit stays in the sock.
  • Yes, itís true- your vagina can fall out. Not to belabor the sock metaphor, but it can turn inside out just like a worn out sweat sock and hang between your legs as you get older. But donít fret- this condition- called pelvic prolapse- can be fixed.
  • Thereís no such thing as being revirginized. Once you lose it, itís gone. Just so you know.
  • You can catch sexually transmitted diseases even if you use a condom. Sorry to break it to you, but skin of the vulva can still touch infectious skin of the scrotum- and BAM! Warts. Herpes. Molluscum contagiosum. So pick your partners carefully.
  • The vagina doesnít need to be douched. As Eve Ensler says, ďďMy vagina doesnít need to be cleaned up. It smells good already. Donít try to decorate. Donít believe him when he tells you it smells like rose petals when itís supposed to smell like pussy. Thatís what theyíre doing Ė trying to clean it up, make it smell like bathroom spray or a garden. All those douche sprays Ė floral, berry, rain. I donít want my pussy to smell like rain. All cleaned up like washing a fish after you cook it. I want to taste the fish. Thatís why I ordered it.Ē Amen, sister.
  • Menstrual blood is supposed to clot, so donít freak out. Usually, what you think are clots are just pieces of uterine lining. As long as youíre not losing too much blood, small clots during your period need not concern you. Clots are just nature’s way of keeping you from bleeding too much. Blood is supposed to clot. It’s when the clots are large or you start to hemorrhage that we start to worry.
  • Lots of vaginas need help lubing up during sex, especially as you get older. Donít be afraid to slick on some lubricant like K-Y Jelly or Astroglide (coconut oil is a great natural lubricant, but don’t blame me if you find yourself hankering for a post-coital macaroon).
  • Vaginal farts (some call them ďqueefsĒ or ďvartsĒ) happen to almost all women at one time or another, especially during sex or other forms of exercise. Donít be embarrassed. Youíre perfectly normal.
  • Vaginas stretch out when you have babies vaginally. Itís natural but it can leave you feeling a bit loosey goosey. Kegel exercises (contracting the muscles of the vagina) really do help. To do them, practice stopping the stream of urine when you pee. There- that’s the muscle! Now contract and relax it 10 times for three or more sets several times per day.
  • Some women do ejaculate during orgasm, but youíre normal if you donít. The controversial ďfemale ejaculationĒ most likely represents two different phenomena. If itís a small amount of milky fluid, it likely comes from the paraurethral glands inside the urethra. If itís a cup, itís probably pee. Many times, it may be a little bit of both. But don’t stress out about peeing on yourself. Put a towel under you and surrender to the experience.
  • Sex shouldn’t hurt, but it does for many women. If you’re one of those women, see your doctor. So many women are too embarrassed to say anything, so they suffer in silence. There are things we can do to help.
  • Safe sex (or even just orgasm alone) is good for you. Benefits include lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke,[i] reducing your risk of breast cancer,[ii] blostering your immune system,[iii] helping you sleep,[iv] making you appear more youthful,[v] improving your fitness,[vi] Regulating menstrual cycles, [vii][viii] relieving menstrual cramps,[ix] relieving chronic pain,[x][xi][xii] reducing the risk of depression,[xiii]lowering stress levels,[xiv][xv] and improving self esteem.[xvi] So go at it, girlfriends!

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(Sources listed on next page.)

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Lissa Rankin

Lissa Rankin, MD is a mind-body medicine physician, founder of the†Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for physicians and other health care providers, and the New York Times bestselling author of†Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself.† She is on a grassroots mission to heal health care, while empowering you to heal yourself.† Lissa blogs at† and also created two online communities -† and† She is also the author of two other books, a professional artist, an amateur ski bum, and an avid hiker. Lissa lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband and daughter.


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3:54AM PDT on Oct 1, 2015

It's amazing how many women and the men who love them do not know what makes up female genitalia. Get a mirror, look and learn.

3:55PM PDT on Sep 29, 2015

Thank you for this important information - real and necessary knowledge that isn't taught and rarely discussed.

3:08PM PDT on Sep 29, 2015

Great article. All young girls should have access to this information. Embrace your uniqueness!

7:22PM PDT on Sep 28, 2015

Not bad writing, but some of the descriptions u could've done without. I definitely cringed reading this.

7:18PM PDT on Sep 28, 2015

Wow, this article is freaking crazy.

10:10AM PDT on Sep 21, 2015

Great article, thank you! I would like to add that for women it is really important to get to know and love their bodies. Most of us are completely disconnected from our genitals because of our cultural upbringing. I agree with what they said about vagina being a muscle that needs to be exercised to stay toned, but completely disagree with using vibrators. Vibrators dull our senses and make us require more and more stimulation over time.

Yoni egg is my favorite tool that helped me to get in touch with my body, learn to control my muscles, and it is very sweet and enjoyable practice. You can read more about it at

6:53PM PDT on Sep 19, 2015

Anders - real macaroons are made of almonds, not cocoanut. Look out for some of the real things next time you're in Rome.

6:44PM PDT on Sep 19, 2015

I find some women's sexual organs visually very beautiful, attractive, erotic; they often inspire a type of protective tenderness in me. But I'm sick of this nonsensical claim "they're all beautiful". That just renders the word meaningless. Like every other bodily part, male and female, they range in aesthetic qualities. Pretending that Quasimodo looks like Helen of Troy is PC gibberish.

4:39PM PDT on Sep 19, 2015

I really fail to see how an upbeat, supportive, and informative article about vaginas is somehow "degrading to women"?

3:57PM PDT on Sep 19, 2015

I find this article somewhat offensive.With the way females all over the world are being treated I would of hoped for a more supportive article.Rather than degrading us more.This just lets the unsavoury become more informed by viewing this as females don't even require privacy on issues of their most personal anatomy.Im really disappointed.Do we not have parents or doctors to go to if we want this info? What happened to respect of ones privacy

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