200 Elephants Poached in Africa

Poachers have killed 200 wild elephants in the last five weeks said wildlife activists. They were poached for their tusks in Cameroon, though the number of elephants in this nation is very low. In 2007 it was estimated there were only 1,000 to 5,000 remaining in the wild. A number of elephant calves have been orphaned due to the loss of their parents, and they also could die. Some have been spotted in Cameroonís Bouba Ndjida National Park.

“The ivory is smuggled out of West and Central Africa for markets in Asia and Europe, and the money it raises funds arms purchases for use in regional conflicts, particularly ongoing unrest in Sudan and in the Central African Republic,” said an official from the International Fund for Animal Welfare. (Source: Boston.com) IFAW was founded in 1969 and now has projects in over forty countries. They work to save animals and their habitats from destruction just as poaching and habitat loss.

A person would have to be very uninformed in this day of huge numbers of elephants losing their lives for the ivory trade, to purchase any ivory products. Isn’t the ivory used only for rather frivolous trinkets also? Why should elephants die so consumers in foreign countries can have a rather pointless impulse purchase for an object they put on a shelf and probably quickly forget about rather quickly?

In December about 14-15 tons of elephant tusks were confiscated by authorities in Malaysia. It has been noted recently this nation could be sort of a distribution point for illegal ivory headed for Asian nations.

Image Credit: Charlesjsharp


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LMj Sunshine


LMj Sunshine


Frans Badenhorst
Frans B5 years ago

no!!!! how can this be allowed to happen????

Ans Weevers
Ans Weevers5 years ago

‎"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be determined by the ways it treats it's animals."
Mahatma Gandhi

Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

This is so terrible! Why?!

Salina L.
Salina L.5 years ago

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Cindy B.
Cindy Black5 years ago

As the world becomes more difficult, complex, specialized, corrupt, competitive and depleted, more and more people will fall by the wayside, lose their ability to survive, lose their habitat and/or food/water sources... There is absolutely nothing the world can or will do about it -- considering global warming, the global economic crisis and other massive, multifaceted crises that demand global agreement, cooperation and mobilization that simply isn't forthcoming.

And so, we may as well resign ourselves to this: Nobody is gonna care about anything. People will do terrible things to survive and compete, and there won't be enough money/resources to stop them. IT'S GONNA BE EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND THE DOLLAR WILL REIGN SUPREME. THEREFORE THE NATURAL PLANET, ALL THE WONDERFUL ANIMALS IN IT, AND THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL AND UNCORRUPTED HUMAN SYSTEMS WILL ALL BECOME HISTORY.

And so: beautiful, intelligent and sensitive elephants will continue to be slaughtered wholesale as long as the Chinese are willing to pay thousands of dollars per tusk to poor ignorant farmers with umpteen hungry kids 'cuz they just can't figure out how to put a cork in Mr. Happy.

I've given up being outraged and now just feel grateful that I am kinda old and before the worst of it comes I'll be dead.

Humans are a very stupid species, very flawed. And Malthus was totally right, of course.

Paula B.
Paula B5 years ago

jus reading the title makes me sad. Elephants are so majestic

Janet K.
Janet K5 years ago