4 Grocery Mistakes Even Healthy People Make

Being healthy is a constant journey. It’s not like you suddenly wake up one morning and understand everything it takes to live, move and eat healthily. It takes work, instinct and a constant expansion of knowledge. Unfortunately, many of us become stuck in a pattern of eating that we feel is ‘healthy,’ when in reality it no longer serves us. It is important to audit your diet once in a while to make sure that you aren’t letting important food choices slide by the wayside.

Here are some mistakes to†try to avoid†that even†the healthiest people make in the grocery store:

You always choose low-fat options.

If you are still under the assumption that fat is unhealthy, do some fresh research. Fat, yes even saturated fat, is good for you. Not only is it good for brain health, but it also helps to keep you satisfied for longer (meaning you’re less likely to reach for the Cheez-Its). Also, fats, unlike carbs and even proteins, have no impact on blood sugar. That makes them a great choice for those of us who struggle with blood sugar imbalances. And no, eating fat doesn’t make you fat. They are essential for a balanced and fit body and mind. Always choose whole food sources of fat, like coconut oil, non-skim yogurts, avocados, nuts, seeds and more.

Your cart is full of gluten-free and dairy-free items.

Just because something is gluten or dairy-free (GF or DF), that doesn’t automatically make it healthy. Most foods that advertise GF†or DF†on the label are highly processed and often loaded with sugar. It’s great to eat a gluten-free or a dairy-free diet if you so choose, but make sure you are eating mostly whole foods rather than binging on processed alternatives, like wheat-free crackers and coconut milk ice creams. Yes, coconut milk ice cream is delicious, but it is still a treat, not a health food.

Your shopping list†changes with the trends.

You know who you are. A few years ago, you were only eating acai bowls. Then, you noshed solely on coconut oil and coconut snacks. Now, youíre chugging buttered coffee thrice a day. But if you let superfood trends inform the choices you place into your grocery cart, you may want to exert caution. Just because a food is trendy does not mean you should redesign your entire diet around it. Be wary of anything that is trendy and always do your research. Trendy superfoods are often not all they’re hyped†up to be and may not be as healthy as they seem.

You always buy pre-washed lettuce/greens.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of food-borne illness outbreaks involving pre-washed greens? It could be the washing process itself that is to blame. Some pre-washed greens are washed in chlorinated water in order to destroy any and all bacteria. Safety first, right? Hold up. When you are destroying bacteria indiscriminately, you are leaving a barren field on which new bacteria can easily develop. Good and bad bacteria do a good job at keeping each other in check, but when all populations are decimated, anything can take seed. When the greens are in transport, itís like a bacterial wild west. While it is unlikely that pre-washed greens will develop harmful bacteria, it is more possible if they have been pre-washed with a solution more powerful than water. Itís best to buy greens that arenít pre-washed and wash them at home. Or, better yet, take control and save money†by†growing your own greens†in your kitchen!

Do you follow these tips in your home? Any additional tips you’d like to share? Feel free to comment below!

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Carol S23 days ago

I'm very careful with my food!

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Thank you for this article and tips.

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Jeanne Allie
Jeanne Allie29 days ago

I buy only GF food because I have celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease which causes my body to attack itself (in the intestines) when gluten is present. This makes me very sick and also prone to colon cancer and other fatal illnesses. Just wanting to educate where possible: for some reason, GF has become a fad, but there have always been a few of us who have to eat this way all the time, no cheating, to be healthy. I mostly only eat food that's already GF, don't eat much of the pre-produced snack foods, etc. Most of them are unhealthy and a lot of them aren't made in a safe environment for me, anyway. The disease also destroyed my ability to digest lactose, so I also eat primarily DF as well. Just wanted to take the opportunity to remind people that there are those of us who are on restricted diets for a reason. Thanks!

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