5 Bold and Beautiful Vegan Bundt Cakes

Seen at holiday parties and social gatherings, bundt cakes are popular as ever. There are so many variations and endless flavor options to bundt cakes. You can try a classic variation such as a Vegan Gingerbread Bundt Cake or something new such as the Banana-Walnut Bundt Cake. You can flavor your bundt cake with apples or even pumpkin spice!

Did you know? The ring-shaped cake is thought to have originated from a European fruit cake called Gugelhupf, which was popular in countries like Germany.

By 1950, the bundt pan was created and the “bundt pan” name was trademarked by H. David Dalquist — founder of Nordic Ware, a kitchenware company. The cake and pan increased in popular by the 1960s when Pillsbury, a baking goods and food product company, had a baking contest, choosing a bundt cake recipe as second place. Bundt cakes can now be molded in many different shapes, such as an intricate castle!


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