5-Minute Tips for Better Health

If you have only 5 extra minutes in your day, try these simple tips to look and feel better. I’ve tried them all, and they really work!

  • Enjoy a cup of coffee. Research studies show that caffeine keeps heart rhythm steady, and strengthens your ticker.
  • Pamper your neglected joints. Mix some lemon juice with a little pure cream and sugar. Rub this gently all over your elbows and knees. The Vitamin C in lemon lightens skin, the cream moisturizes it, and the sugar exfoliates.
  • Spend five extra minutes on chewing your food—aim for 20 seconds per bite. The Red Cross warns in its booklet on cardiopulmonary resuscitation that bolting food is a common cause of windpipe obstruction and clogged coronaries. Taking small, slow bites kickstarts your digestive juices even before the food reaches your stomach. Besides, it makes you mindful of what you are eating, so you tend to eat less, and feel less stressed.
  • Sip a tall glass of warm water, slowly. It is an excellent way to get the toxins on their way out of your body.
  • Practice real breathing. When you inhale, try to breathe into your diaphragm. This will give more oxygen to your brain and lungs and lend a glow to your skin. Do it for just 10 minutes twice a day, and you will feel the difference.
  • Trim your toenails. Besides making you feel cleaner, spending time with your body will also boost self-image


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Elisa F.
Elisa F.3 years ago

Good tips. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank-you for the informative article.

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Tajwer Chaudhary4 years ago

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I appreciate it and will continue with even more pleasure in life !!!

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Roxana Cortijo4 years ago

Nice tips, thanks.

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To love and be loved :)

Rick P.
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Rick P.
Rick P.4 years ago

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Rick P.
Rick P.4 years ago

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