5 Strange Amusement Parks (Slideshow)


When you think of an amusement park, you usually picture ferris wheels, thrill rides and $7 hot dogs. But, as the following examples will show, not all amusement parks follow that model. Check out some of the world’s oddest theme parks.

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1.Dickens World, United Kingdom

Get transported into the world of famed writer Charles Dickens at this indoor theme park. One highlight? Ebenezer Scrooge’s haunted house!

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2. Grutas Park, Lithuania

Grutas Park is dedicated to an era gone by — when Lithuania was still under Soviet control. The park’s main attraction is its sculpture garden, with dozens of statues of communist leaders. Also on the property is a re-created Gulag prison camp and a Soviet-era cafe.

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3. Diggerland, United Kingdom

Ever have the urge to operate your own forklift? Well, it’s time to book your ticket to the U.K. and check out one of the four Diggerland amusement parks where you can do exactly that!

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4. Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan

Before it closed in 2007, the Seagaia Ocean dome was the largest indoor waterpark in the world — and, interestingly, less than 330 yards from the actual ocean!

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5. Dwarf Empire, China

About 100 little people work at Dwarf Empire, doing slapstick performances that tourists pay $9 to see. As you may suspect, the theme park  has drawn international criticism for its treatment of the performers, with a spokesman for the Little People of America calling it little more than a “human zoo.”

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Jacklyn Walker
Jacklyn Walker1 years ago

Very Amusing Parks - on a scale of oddness these are pretty tame really a quick internet search will find far more extreme forms of amusements, in a park, that folks will pay for... so I was not amused... ok just a little - smile

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ

thanks for sharing

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Thank you for sharing.

katarzyna phillips

surprised to see 2 uk ones on the list and the lithuania one looks fascinating! i'm not sure about them being 'amusement parks' per se though

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Dale Overall

There are lighter topics for our amusement every now and then and not everything at Care2 has to be for a specific Cause. Sometimes we have had a hectic or stress filled day and we just want to look at the lighter side of life. Does everything have to have a Purpose?

It may be a waste of time for some members to see lighter topics addressed here and there and some men may sigh at the thought of a topic such as baths and oatmeal or some members may sneer at the very thought of the topic of amusement parks but we do need time in our lives for delightful diversion or plain pampering once in awhile. If one wishes to be constantly cause driven every time one goes onto this site--fine, but most of us are not adverse to some mild diversions once in awhile.
Dickens sounds interesting to me at least, maybe the park in Lithuania about Soviet style repressions for historical interest and there are certainly many fascinating and amusing themes of amusement parks scattered around the globe.