5 Ways to Boost Memory

We’re always telling you how to take care of your body-but we almost forgot about your brain!

Do you also need a memory boost? Give your mind some short-term help by:

1. Paying attention: Really listen to a name when being introduced. Repeat it out loud and make a comment about it. (e.g. “Catherine, is that with a C or a K?”)

2. Using linking tools: Attach new information to information you already know.

3. Picturing it: Visualize a silly or strong image that you associate with someone (e.g. what animal does s/he remind you of?).

And you’ll overhaul grey matter in the long-term if you:

4. Make like a vegetarian: Blueberries, strawberries and anything green and leafy (especially spinach) contain brain-boosting compounds.

5. Stress less: Exercise reduces stress hormones that can impair memory. (In addition to exercise, try these 9 ways to stop stress!)

Work your mind: Keep on your toes with help from these online exercises – or check out this comprehensive review of the latest brain power games.

By Amanda Freeman


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THANK YOU! i'm have terrible memory and such aha.

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I already do some of those things.

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