Part Chihuahua, Part Yoga Master (Video)

Yoga class is missing one very cute thing: a chihuahua! Since you won’t find an adorable chihuahua practicing his moves at your local yoga studio, we thought we’d bring the cute to you instead. Enjoy this great video of a man’s best yogi happily stretching during workout time.

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Ujivenelson Ujivenelson

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Claudia Acosta
Claudia Acostaabout a year ago

:) love it!

Hent Catalina-Maria
Hent catalina - mariaabout a year ago

So cute!

ERIKA SOMLAIabout a year ago

so cute...:-)

Dale O.
DaleLovesOttawa O.about a year ago

This is truly one serene and relaxed Chihuahua!

Jennifer Daniel
Past Member about a year ago

Very cute - thanks!

Joan E.
Joan E.about a year ago

I sent you a star AniMae, assuming you're not going to literally hit the floor with your chihuahua, because that would be wrong. Figuratively, terriffic.

Kristina Ketelsen
Kristina Ketelsenabout a year ago

Don't you think he's being coached with a morsel out of camera? Come on, folks! I hate to be the wet blanket here, but seriously. I have to admit he IS adorable, tho.

Belinda B.
Past Member about a year ago


Joan E.
Joan E.about a year ago

Chihuahua, you remind me of me a few weeks ago when I tried to copy the rest of the group at my first yoga class. (OK, you're a little better and a lot cuter.) But still, he's going easy on you. What really got me were the tricks where you have to try to balance on one leg.