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50 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

50 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

By Dr. The Ninja Wife for

Do you love your partner enough to try them out?

Falling in love is a beautiful thing. It can be all-consuming, and make you feel like like you can take on the world. But, sustaining long term love can be difficult. Here are 50 ways to strengthen the love you and your significant other have. This is†a comprehensive list to loving better and getting back to the feelings you had when you first fell in love.

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1. Make your loved one your first priority. If the phone rings in the middle of a discussion, let him finish what he is saying and then pick up the phone or call back.

2. Leave “I love you” notes on her Facebook page. This will let your partner and his Facebook friends know how in love you both are.

3. Share. Share your love, fears, and responsibility. Do not be greedy by trying to be all and do all. Excluding him from your life will push him away.

4. Try not to argue over finances. Instead of arguing over money, brainstorm ideas of saving and earning more together.

5. Make an “I love you” phone call. Call your her now just to say that you love her.

6. Be a friend and a partner. Be a best friend to your loved one. Do not say things that you wouldn’t have said to your best friend and have fun when you can.

7. Let your loved one sleep in and serve her breakfast in bed. She will love to wake up to homemade pancakes on a Sunday morning.

8. Organize a picnic. Plan a picnic just for the two of you.

9. Let your significant other know that you love him, despite his flaws. You love him just as he is.

10. Give your significant other a massage after a long work day. It is great stress relief for both of you.

11. Do not criticize his family or friends. You can join in only if he initiates the conversation. However, not in full force. If you really have strong feelings about the person, sugar-coating your opinion might work best in this situation.

12. Thank her for every little bit of love and care she gives you. Everyone loves to hear a “thank you” once in a while.

13. Appreciate and acknowledge his achievements. Whether in studies, career or homemaking, acknowledging his hard work is something he will greatly appreciate.

14. Have a long meaningful conversation. Having a meaningful conversation with your partner will help the two of you get closer.

15. Stargaze. Grab a blanket and lay down to stargaze tonight. Make this something you both do on a weekly basis.

16. Hold hands in public. Showing public displays of affection can help your relationship.

17. Give your partner time and space to play. No one likes to compete with a gaming system or a television show. But, if you give him time to play once in a while, it will make your relationship strong. Your partner will appreciate that you give him that time.

18. Let your partner finish their point in an argument. Even if you disagree, count to 10 before responding. This will give you time to really listen to what they are saying and to formulate a response.

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19. Do not sweat the small stuff. Letting small issues rustle your feathers will create unnecessary stress in your relationship.

20. Talk to her about fond childhood memories. Let your significant other know how you grew up and the memories you have from when you were younger.

21. Apologize when you are wrong. He†will appreciate it above all.

22. Trust your partner. Let your partner go out with friends. Do not hover and constantly ask where they are. Be trusting.

23. Never compare her to others. No one likes to be compared to other people. This is something you should never do.

24.Tell your partner that you are proud to be with him. This will boost his self-esteem and confidence in your relationship.

25. Make decisions about big plans and purchases together. If you are thinking about buying a new car or wanting to move into a house, never take it upon yourself to go to the dealership or call a realtor. Discuss major plans and decisions together.

26. Ask your significant other about her day. When your partner describes the day, be interested and try to understand her feelings and emotions.

27. Support your partner in reaching goals. Always be a support system for your significant other. If they want to lose weight, do not buy chocolate. In fact, try to eat healthier along with them.

28. Flirt with him. Be playful even when shopping for groceries. This will keep the spice in your relationship.

29. Go on a date. Planning a date night once a month will keep your relationship thriving.

30. Never go to bed angry. Try to resolve any issues before bed time.

31. Let your partner know when you miss her. This will let her know that you are thinking about her even when you two are not together.

32. Start a hobby together. Hobbies can be a unique bonding experience and will let you learn more about each other.

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33. On special occasions, order balloons to their office. Surprising your significant other is a great way to show how much you love them.

34. Go for an adventure together. Explore a place that neither of you have been. This can be a vacation spot or somewhere local.

35. Do chores together. This bonding time will strengthen your relationship.

36. Sign up for a class together. Sign up for a dance, Zumba or cooking class.

37. Wake your loved one up with kisses and cuddles. This will keep the affection alive in your relationship.

38. Go to a sporting event together. If your partner likes baseball, purchase tickets to see his favorite team play.

39. Listen. Listen to what your loved one has to say. Sometimes it is so easy to drift off while someone is speaking, but make an effort to listen.

40. Positive reinforcement. Instead of criticizing your partner, find what he’s doing right and praise him.

41. Play a board game. Play Monopoly or any other board game together. This will keep the sense of fun in your relationship.

42. Go for a walk together. To the ocean, forest, or park. Enjoy holding hands and being outside. Appreciate the beauty of nature around you.

43. Wear a matching outfit. Why do we save matching only for weddings? People will definitely notice and compliment you on “being a great fit for each other.”

44. Kiss and hug your significant other for no reason. Showing affection toward one another is a great way to say “I love you.”

45. Play a game of strip poker. Spice up your card game by showing that you still find your partner sexy.

46. Pack a surprise love note in your loved one’s lunch. This will show that you still care and want to put something extra in her lunch.

47. Organize a romantic night. Candles, a romantic dinner, and a massage. Even if the night will end up with you falling asleep, she will appreciate the effort.

48. Brag to others about something your partner has achieved. This will show him that you support his goals and are happy when he reaches them.

49. Next time you have an argument, choose to be kind rather than right. Try to stop the argument, instead of keeping it going just to prove your point.

50. Focus on the positive. Concentrate on the positive aspects of your relationship, rather than dwelling on the negative.

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2:32PM PDT on Apr 26, 2013

Good advise! Its important to remember these small but meaningful things to make a relationship stronger.

8:59AM PDT on Oct 9, 2012

good tips over all

11:53PM PDT on Sep 9, 2012

Great tips, thanks. Saw another 5-6 which could be implemented immediately.

11:32AM PDT on Aug 27, 2012

these are cute! :)

8:51AM PDT on Aug 24, 2012

Thank you

3:22PM PDT on Aug 23, 2012

good tips, thanks!

7:22AM PDT on Aug 23, 2012

Ano N. wrote:
"PPS: Dear Sam M, While I cannot be 100% sure it was my comment you were referring to, I have a feeling you may have. My analysis was intended as constructive advice..."
Hello Ano N.
I find it difficult to follow your post in its entirety, but regarding this particular part, I don't remember which comments I took as negative though they may have been yours (not reading back to check). My own posts were not intended to upset anybody, quite the contrary, and if they did so then I apologize (to you and whoever else may have felt targeted).
I will say that it's great when people take the time to actually comment, whether positively or negatively, as a lot of people don't bother. :)

6:57AM PDT on Aug 23, 2012

True love is about give and take - about partners accommodating each other's needs. This is perhaps the most important thing to emphasise. Woman's need to have sex is perhaps not as big as man's, she will tell him that, but she would say "because I love you, I will meet you half-way". It's all about communicating each other's needs, and not taking advantage - ie., always repaying your partner's will to compromise with your will to compromise on something which is important to your partner (such as going to see in-laws more often).

Quickies may be just tools for fast tension release. Every couple needs to dump kids on grandparents or sleepovers at least once in every ten days - and just spend the time to reconnect on real intimate level. No quickies, but long-drawn and mutually satisfying hot sex.

4:48AM PDT on Aug 23, 2012

Good suggestions. Following some of them, going to try a few others today!

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