6 Reasons To Love Roasted Vegetables

The irresistible aroma of peppers and potatoes filling the air…it spells comfort and invites you to enjoy a delicious evening with family. But there’s more to roasted veggies than that tantalizing aroma! They are so good for your health, too! I’m listing just a handful of benefits that will have you popping another batch into the oven tonight.

  • Roasting certain vegetables actually increases  the bioavailability of the nutrients in them. For example, you get more carotenoids from carrots if you roast them, rather than steaming or sauteeing them.
  • Cooking vegetables without water leaches fewer nutrients from them. So, if you have a choice between boiling and roasting, opt for the latter!
  • Roasting veggies without oil keeps the calorie count low.
  • It’s really easy to roast vegetables. All you need to do is cut them fairly evenly and make sure they’re not crammed together in the roasting pan.
  • Most importantly, roasted vegetables taste terrific! This cooking technique draws out their natural sweetness. Add to that the aromatic smokiness, and you have the taste buds all a-tingle!
  • Although dry roasting is easy and keeps things oil free, you can add oodles of flavor and glamour to your veggies by coating them with a good quality oil and spiking them with herbs and spices.

Oven-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnut Brown Butter
Roasted Vegetable Tart


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