6 Reasons to Track Your Period & How to Do It

If you’re looking to improve your life, your health and your happiness, it’s important to first balance your hormones. That’s where tracking your monthly cycle comes in.

Think tracking your period is only for women who are trying to get pregnant? Think again. What goes on during your cycle says a lot about what is going on hormonally in your body, and also how you should be treating yourself.

“Through each week of your cycle, your brain chemistry shifts and you think, feel, and operate distinctly. You already know and feel this, but without the roadmap, you may have told yourself that you’re just being hormonal. When working properly, this hormonal shift makes you naturally inclined to do certain things more easily during specific phases of your cycle. It’s your superpower,” according to MyFlo, perhaps the most brilliant of the period-tracker apps.

Understanding your cycle has the power to change your entire life for the better. Every facet of our lives is dictated by various fluctuations in hormones—moods, stress, energy levels, thought clarity, hunger, weight and so much more. By understanding what your hormones are doing over the course of a month, it becomes easy to make your life work with your hormones rather than against. Tracking your cycle can help you:

Understand your moods

Instead of wondering why you are suddenly very snappy, depressed or sad, tracking your cycle can help you understand what is going on. When you track your period, you are better able to understand the effect your hormonal fluctuations have on your moods. And if you notice a particular mood trend recurring each month, you can begin to make adjustments in your lifestyle to correct any sort of hormonal imbalances that are causing those mood fluctuations.

Better nourish your body

Depending on what week you are at in your cycle, different foods and nutrients are needed for you to perform your best. In fact, eating for your hormones can improve or banish your worst PMS symptoms, from bloating and cramps to acne and cysts.

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Become your fittest self

Depending on our hormones, certain exercise routines serve us better than others. During your period, it is best to do gentle activity like yoga and meditation, whereas the second week of your cycle might be the best time to do cardio and strength training. By working with your body and your cycle, losing excess weight and building muscle becomes infinitely easier. All you have to do is start tracking and take note of how you feel.

Improve your sex life

Understanding your hormones, especially when you’re ovulating, can empower your sex life. Not only are you able to estimate when the ideal time is for sex if you are trying to get pregnant, but tracking your cycle can also help you predict your sex drive. Sex drive (and as a result, confidence) increases around the time of ovulation, which means it could be a good time to schedule a hot date.

Embrace productivity

Hormones control everything, even your work style. For instance, it is best to start new creative projects or tackle to-do lists head-on just after menstruation ends in the follicular phase of your cycle. In contrast, the time during and right before your period is best for reflective work. By tracking your hormonal cycle, you can sync your project calendar so that you get the most out of yourself each week.

Understand & improve your period symptoms

Simply tracking your period and entering your daily symptoms can help you to notice trends and address chronic imbalances. What I love about the FLO app is that it offers suggests on how to eat, exercise or plan based on the hormonal symptoms you are currently experiencing. It completely changes the way I have understood my period.

Stop fighting your body and start participating

Tracking your cycle empowers you to be able to reduce stress and live a more balanced life. There are plenty of ways to start tracking your period, but in order to understand, I prefer the FLO app. You can download the FLO app here, or visit FLO Living for a bounty of game-changing information about supporting your unique, female health.

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