6 Tasty Peach Recipes & How to Store the Summer Peach Bounty

Is your produce drawer overflowing with beautiful, farmers market peaches this summer? Try some of these delicious peach recipes!

This has been the summer of peaches at our house. A local farm offered me peaches, so that I could develop a peach cocktail recipe for them. I was expecting four, maybe five peaches. I got more like six dozen. Half of our refrigerator was made of peaches! These are some of the peach recipes I turned to to use up those seasonal beauties.

How to Store Peaches

If you’re rich with peaches like I was, you can buy yourself some more time to eat them fresh if you store them properly. Here’s how to store them:

  • Sort through your bag or box of peaches. Any peaches that have a little bit of green on them or don’t smell a little bit fragrant should go on the kitchen counter. Keep an eye on those. Depending on how underripe they were, they’ll take anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days to ripen.
  • Ripe peaches go into the fridge. Your fresh peaches will keep longer in the fridge if you store them in a plastic bag. I know, I hate plastic in the kitchen, too. I sacrificed time in the name of less plastic and just tossed mine into the produce drawer. If you go this route, they’ll last about three to five days. In a plastic bag, you can probably keep them for up to a week. My strategy was to use the ripest ones first.
  • Overripe peaches go in the freezer. You can slice up overripe peaches and stick them into a freezer-safe container to prolong their shelf life even more. You can also throw them into the blender with a little bit of lemon juice, and pour the peach puree into ice cube trays. Pop the peach puree ice cubes into a freezer safe container, and you can use them as needed in recipes. Or just throw a few into a glass of sparkling water for instant peach soda any time you want!

6 Tasty Peach Recipes & How to Store the Summer Peach Bounty

6 Tasty Peach Recipes

1. Spicy Peach Popsicles – Garden-fresh jalapeno and sweet summer peaches combine to make a yummy grown-up popsicle recipe.

2. Peach-Cucumber Salsa – This refreshing salsa recipe is great with chips for dipping or on top of beans and rice or your favorite veggie tacos.

3. Peach-Ginger Smoothie – Start your day with a sweet and spicy green smoothie. This is a great way to use up an almost-too-ripe peach.

4. Peach-Carrot Smoothie – If green’s not your thing, try this vibrant peach smoothie that’s packed with beta carotene.

5. Peach Pudding – Treat yourself to this light, summery dessert.

6. Grilled Peach Lassi – A lassi is a traditional Indian drink with a yogurt base. This vegan version uses grilled peaches and coconut milk yogurt. And it’s deliciously decadent!


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my peach & pear trees are getting ripe. making a vege dish w/ cooked pears tomorrow, was wondering what to do w/ so many super delicious peaches getting ready.

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Number 6 sounds delicious!

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Deer love peaches and they are helping me eat them

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