6 Ways Not to Use Baking Soda

By Adam Verwymeren, Networx

Baking soda is a great and versatile tool around the home, and there are dozens of ways it can be put to use. It can cut grease, absorb odors and clean body parts, among its many other applications.

However, as handy as it is, this wonder substance does have its limitations. Here are a few ways not to use baking soda.

Antacid: Suffering from heartburn? Baking soda is a highly effective antacid. However, sodium bicarbonate is, well, sodium. So if your doctor has told you to cut down on the salt, donít reach for this household cure for indigestion. Ask your doctor to recommend a safer alternative.

Cleaning Aluminum: While a quick scrubs with a bit of baking soda is a great way to clean your pots and pans, you should never use it on aluminum cookware. The alkaline sodium bicarbonate reacts with the aluminum and can cause your pots and pans to discolor.

Fridge Freshener: Because it reacts with odor-causing acids, baking soda will make your fridge smell a little fresher. But only a little. The problem is that that tiny box has an even tinier opening, which offers up only a few square inches of surface area for smell-causing compounds to react with. For baking soda to be a truly effective odor-fighting substance, youíd have to place large trays of it in the bottom of your fridge. If youíre in the market for a cheap fridge-freshening substance, try activated charcoal, an incredibly porous substance that offers maximum surface area to grab hold of those smelly molecules.

Grease Fires: Enough baking soda on a grease fire will smother the flames. But even if you happen to keep mountains of the stuff next to your stove, itís nearly impossible to maintain a safe distance from the fire while shoveling this powdery substance onto the flames. Youíre more likely to end up with a grease fire and a blinding cloud of airborne baking soda. So skip this makeshift solution and invest in a good fire extinguisher before an accident happens.

Acne: Baking soda is a powerful cleanser, and proponents use it for everything from deodorant to hair care. But because it is an alkaline substance, some people suggest that you shouldnít use it as a cure for acne. Baking soda neutralizes the bodyís natural acids, which help keep acne bacteria in check. Apply a little of it to your face, and youíre giving pimples free reign to breakout across your brow.

Baking Powder: They might look the same, but baking soda and baking powder are not interchangeable. Both can produce carbon dioxide in the right conditions, giving pancakes and biscuits a light, airy texture. However, baking soda reacts with acids already found in foods, like buttermilk or yogurt. Baking powder, on the other hand, has a powdered acid in it, so it is self-leavening. Use the wrong one and your baked goods arenít going to have the right amount of rise and will have an off taste.

Adam Verymeren is a San-Francisco based gardening and home writer.

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Summerannie M.
Summerannie M.3 days ago

Baking Soda is the most amazing thing I have ever discovered in cleaning just about anything.
I have two small silver christening cups and they were as black as and in parts quite brown to lighter brown. A disaster in the cleaning department. I had used trusty Silvo to clean them and lots of elbow grease with little result, till I discovered you can use baking soda. Well, I was quite excited and you would be too. I lined a saucepan with aluminum foil but make sure its a STEEL saucepan. Add about two or three boiled cups of boiling water, after placing your silver ware into the STEEL Saucepan, then add a cup of vinegar and then toss in about a 1/2 cup of Baking Soda. Watch is look like Mt Vesuvius as it bubbles up a treat. Leave your Silver in this solution for about 1/2 hour and go and check it, if its not lightened, then leave it for another hour or better soon leave it till over night. Next morning you should see a huge difference. If not repeat what I suggested and leave it again but for me it took me quite some time soaking and over night. They were seriously black. The next morning I looked and to my astonishment those two cups were sparkling silver and looked totally brand new. The silver surface was still perfect and all in all I didnt have to huff and puff, rub and try to polish these two cups. It was a synch. Works with jewellery too. So many ways. It cleans your washing machine. l cup of vinegar and a 1/2 cup of baking soda and wow and even your clothes come out s

Edith B.
Edith B.4 days ago

Thanks for the tips, especially the one about aluminum.

Lorraine Andersen

Thanks for posting.

Anne F.
Anne F.7 days ago

probably I'll clean the fridge if the dish of baking osda doesn't mask the odor

Jane M.
Jane M.7 days ago

thank you for the TIPS !!

Larry McDaniel
Larry McDaniel9 days ago

Thank you

Tim C.
Tim C.10 days ago


Andrea B.
Andrea B.14 days ago

Good article, Thank you.

Joanne p.
Joanne p.22 days ago