7 Simple Ways to Say “I Care”

“Good friends are like stars. You may not always see them, but you know they’re always there.” I am not sure who said this, but isn’t it so true? Then again, do we worker bees always remember to be there for our friends? Some gentle reminders on how to show the love you feel, despite all the busyness.

1. Keep some postcards in your bag, and when you have a few free minutes, jot down your thoughts for your friend. When you meet her, gift her the postcards.
2. Send her a bunch of flowers. One fine day. Just like that.
3. Brighten some of her mornings with a simple text message: “Have a sunshine day!” is my favorite.
4. Do return her phone calls and messages promptly. Sometimes, we don’t do that, thinking we’ll have to talk too long. Even if you have to be brief, let your friend know you’ve been thinking of her and will call back.
5. If your friend tells you she’s got a mammogram scheduled or her kid’s first day at daycare coming up, make a note to check with her how it went.
6. Listen to her when you speak on the phone. Even in our short conversations, we tend to let out our little concerns and problems. Catch them, and see if at all you can help. Once, I mentioned to my friend that I was struggling to find research material for an article. Next thing I knew, she had mailed me neatly organized information on it!
7. The Internet may have “disconnected” us in a way, but it can also be a wonderful way to stay in touch. I often email my closest friend, sharing a new recipe I tried, telling her about my day, or simply a “Hey, thinking of you! Coffee tomorrow?”

How do you nurture your friendships? I would love some tips!



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