7 Summer Recipes for Drinking Your Fruit

I’m pretty much solely a water drinker. I love its taste, the obvious benefits, and the feeling of constant hydration. I’ll admit it can get a little boring sometimes, especially in the heat of the summer when bright, fresh, sweet flavors come with the season. Sure, I’ll do the citrus or cucumber slices in my water, but when I want juicy, nothing quenches like fruit.

We’re not supposed to drink our calories, but we are supposed to be consuming more fruit. What to do? Drink your fruit! Grapes and watermelon are some of the most water-rich and hydrating fruits out there, but it’s not always convenient to have seeds and hot-pink juice dribbling down your chin.

If you’re going to drink your fruit, stay away from the processed berry- and fruit-flavored waters and juices and simply make your own concoctions at home. Not only are they better for you, but they’ll taste better and be much more affordable.

This summer, when your thirst needs quenching, and another trip to the tap just won’t do, make some of these sweet-as-sunshine beverages that are sure to please!

We’re big fans of Perrier if you want a little fizz with your drink. Available just about anywhere, in a variety of flavors, we think Perrier and fresh berries pair very well. You can test the theory in our Triple Berry Sparklers, frozen pureed berries added to Perrier, or our Sparkling Berrier Perrier Slushes, created exclusively for HelloGiggles.com.

If watermelon is more your speed, the drink recipes are seemingly endless. Here at Care2.com you can try a Watermelon Agua Fresca recipe that is simply to die for, or even a refreshing Watermelon Mint smoothie.

Lemonade is an obvious in the summer and very versatile to include any flavor you crave. Our Blackberry Lemonade with Basil has plenty of blackberry and lemon pulp, giving you more fiber and nutrition in each sip. Care2′s Lavender Honey Lemonade is as pretty as it is delicious, and can certainly calm your most fiery summer days.

And then, there’s our favorite frozen fruit find of the season – one ingredient banana ice cream. That’s right. Chop up a banana, freeze it, blend it, and voila – you have perfect ice cream taste and texture for less than 100 calories and loads of nutrition. Let it get a little melty with vanilla and you’ve got a truly healthy milkshake.

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Yes, sometimes people forget to drink a lot of healthy liquid!

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Dale Overall

Summer is a wonderful time for cooling drinks and have always loved watermelon along with many other fruits.

Carol P mentioned that the next thing on her list of experiments is to try something combining fruit with teas.

This is delightful, love to make home made ginger root tea and combine it with crushed blueberries or raspberries. Almost any fruit makes a welcome addition to a herbal tea made from fresh leaves.