7 Weight Loss Tips that Really Work

Drastic changes don’t last. Simple, doable ones can work wonders when you’re trying to shave off the pounds. I know, because I’ve struggled with weight issues for a long time. Here is my pick of ideas that really help. Hope they benefit you, too.

Eat/drink something nourishing 30 minutes before your meal. Some ideas: a bowl of salad; two tall glasses of water; a handful of almonds that have been soaked in clean water for a few hours and skinned; a bowl of clear soup; air-popped corn; an apple and a wedge of low-fat cheese.

Always keep something low-fat and low-calorie close at hand, so that you can eat when the ‘munchies’ hit. Foods and drinks you can enjoy without worrying about weight-gain:  salad greens; boiled potato or chickpeas tossed with lemon juice, salt and herbs; yogurt raita; a bowl of nourishing moong dal; a wholewheat pita sandwich.

Eat more fruit, but choose wisely. The best fruits for those trying to cut down the pounds are papaya, peaches, plums, cherries, oranges and strawberries.

Banish fattening foods from your pantry: potato chips, mayonnaise,  cheesecake,  chocolates, fries, onion rings…if you don’t see them, you won’t be able to eat them. On the other hand, if they’re there, they’ll defeat your will power no matter how hard you try.

Eat from a blue plate! Research shows that ‘cool’ colors such as blue and green reduce appetite, and help you refrain from overeating. That’s why most fast-food chains use a lot of red and yellow on their logos and in their outlets.  If you’re watching your weight, you could even consider painting your dining room walls in soothing blues and greens.

Buy smaller plates and bowls. Size really does matter. Heaped on a smaller plate, food gives the illusion of being more in quantity. And if we’re visually sated, it’s easy to feel satisfied with lower amounts.

Develop the sharing habit. When something is too good to resist—such as cheesecake or four-cheese pizza–have a slice or two instead of the whole thing, and share the rest with someone. This is a great way to lower the calories, while increasing the friendship bond!

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