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8 Common Skin Problems and Remedies

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Symptoms: Mild to severe redness, flushing, visible blood vessels, papules, pustules, eye irritation, dry facial skin, facial burning or stinging, and an enlarged nose. Symptoms usually appear on the face but can show up on the neck, chest, scalp or ears.

Contagious: No.

Triggers: Heavy exercise and exposure to sun, wind, heat or cold. May also include emotional stress, alcohol, spicy or hot foods, heated beverages, and certain skincare products.

Treatment options: Prescription topical and oral medications.

Other ways to overcome: Identify your triggers, then take steps while exercising to ward off flare-ups. For instance, wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and protective clothing, avoid becoming overheated, and protect your skin from cold with a scarf or ski mask.

Acne Mechanica
Symptoms: Acnelike rash that can be red, pustular and painful.

Contagious: No.

Triggers: Exercising while wearing occlusive (pore-blocking) protective gear like helmets and padding. It’s commonly seen around the chin, forehead and any skin that presses against padding. Wicking material may also trigger the rash in some people.

Treatment options: Mild acne prescription medications and topical antibiotic lotions.

Other ways to overcome: Place a cotton (or other soft, breathable fabric) lining against the skin where helmets or padding rub. Avoid wicking material if it bothers you.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Symptoms: Inflamed, painful, tunneling cysts that can ooze; usually found under the arms, on the scalp, or in creases of groin, breasts or legs.

Contagious: No.

Triggers: The causes of this condition, which can emerge any time after adolescence, are still unknown. Friction and heat can exacerbate the cysts — and stress, smoking, and dietary or topical irritants seem to make the condition worse in many people.

Treatment options: Oral medications, both antibiotic and anti-inflammatories, and other oral retinoid-based products. Recent clinical studies of treatments featuring turmeric and zinc gluconate nutritional supplements show promise.

Other ways to overcome: Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing to avoid irritating the skin. You may wish to cover open cysts while exercising, both to absorb any drainage and reduce discomfort and irritation caused by chafing.

Athlete’s Foot
Symptoms: Itching, stinging and burning between the toes or on the soles of the feet; itchy blisters; cracking and peeling skin, especially around the bottoms or sides of feet; nails that are thick, discolored or pulling away from the nail bed.

Contagious: Yes.

Triggers: This fungal infection thrives in warm, moist environments like shoes, showers, gyms and locker rooms.

Treatment options: For mild conditions, over-the-counter or prescription antifungal ointments, lotions, powders and sprays are available. If the infection is severe, your doctor may prescribe oral medication or a stronger topical antifungal cream.

Other ways to overcome: Keep feet dry and use antifungal powder daily. Wear clean socks made of synthetic fiber to draw moisture away from feet. Then protect your feet in public places, wearing waterproof shoes in showers and using your own mat in yoga and Pilates classes. Also, alternate workout shoes to allow them to dry.

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11:54PM PDT on May 22, 2012

Well foot doctors in dallas tx might say otherwise.

6:56AM PDT on Apr 27, 2011

At least your doctors tried to act like they were concerned. Try going to an E.R. md, 6 regular MD's and 2 dermatologists with an obvious problem and be told it's all in your head. They send you home, thanks to the letter to md's from the CDC, and tell you to stop stratching!!! Right-How about those samples I brought you, doc??? Didnt see anything?? Try a little microscope, or did you not go to school??? Am I contagous, who knows, am I causing this, no. But, the docs sent me home, so how many of you people do you think I've touched? Look for the letter. CDC still hasent came out with their final report, been a couple years, but they dont know what causes it, or how to treat it, so the doctors are just telling everything they're delusional, talking to you like your nuts, treating you like you are dirt, and sending you on your way to possibly infect who knows how many??? They call themselves doctors, tho. scarry.

2:39PM PDT on Aug 24, 2010


10:47AM PDT on Aug 9, 2010

Thank you for the very accurate article. Do read labels on skin products. Dr. Christina Northrup is a well know exoert. If you want to know what she recommends for skin care, I'll be glad to share. Also, take care of your skin from th inside. Dr. Norhrup has the answer to this too.
Let me know if interested in any of this information.

4:44PM PDT on Aug 5, 2010

Information was concise and helpful. Any chance of a similar article on 2 other common banes: k.p. and psoriasis?

8:09AM PDT on Apr 23, 2010

Thanks for taking time to share this.

2:56AM PST on Jan 27, 2010

Acne is certainly a very big problem. Many people around the world are suffering from acne. But what is the main cause behind this? This is absolutely a very big question and nearly every person thinks of getting the answer. Some people declare that it is due to the dirt as well as the infection due to some bacteria which at times grows.

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11:35PM PST on Jan 16, 2010

Athletes foot is the worst! The itch drives you mad! Thanks for the info!
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4:46AM PST on Jan 4, 2010

All healing begins within....

6:52AM PDT on Oct 7, 2009

What a nightmare, Pam. Don't give up - keep demanding answers. You don't indicate whether you've consulted anyone on the alternative medicine side. Why not explore those options?

Best of luck to you. Stay strong.

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