8 Really Happy Cats (Videos)


Though dogs are more known for their happy-go-lucky attitude, that other four-legged friend still gets in on the fun! Click through for some of the Internet’s happiest cats!

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Cat + New Rug = Love

This cat’s pet parent spent months making a doily rug — and her cat couldn’t be more excited about it!

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Blind Kitten Plays With First Toy

Sadly, this adorable kitten is blind. But, luckily, he was adopted by a loving family! Watch as Oskar plays with his first toy.

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Family Reunion

10-year-old Jared and the family cat, Clyde, have grown up together. So when Clyde was missing for 12 days, Jared was understandably worried. But luckily, a woman spotted a lost-and-found ad and returned Clyde to his family. Watch the emotional and heart-warming reunion between a boy and his beloved feline friend!

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A Pampered Cat is a Happy Cat

This cat is thoroughly enjoying a massage!

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Cat is a Hat

This cat, Sophie, has found the perfect resting spot — right on top of her human companion’s head!

Cat Heaven

This San Diego couple share their home with 9 cats — and they let their feline friends run the show. Their house comes complete with 140 foot elevated pathway — making it the ultimate kitty jungle gym!


Every day, this cat greets its pet parent like this! Too sweet!

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Maru — the Happiest of All?!

We couldn’t possibly have a slideshow of happy cats without including Maru! Watch Maru play with paper

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Great videos !! .. thank you for some happy tears :))))

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This is definitely a fun-loving cat! He knows how to enjoy life :)

Paula Lopes
Paula Lopes3 years ago

Haha :) At first I thought he was in a massage chair, he was vibrating so much! I love the noises he makes :)

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I did the exact same thing when I visited my friends house and they had a new rug. ;)

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Great videos.Thanks for sharing

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Thank you for sharing.

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Adorable! I fell in love with the Cats House long ago, and while I couldn't go to their extreme I did build a window seat big enough for all 3 of my boyz, with two cat towers to get up and down. Of course they sleep wherever they want ;-)