8 Urban Foraging Resources for Countries Around the World

When you imagine foraging for food, do you picture picking your way through the forest? Maybe you’re scrounging up edible mushrooms and plucking fruit from low-hanging branches? You might not be imagining walking your city’s streets in search of edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs, but urban foraging can be a delicious adventure if you know where to look!

Many of the urban foraging sites I’ve run across seem to focus on specific US cities. My goal with the list below was to find resources for urban foraging worldwide. I had particular trouble finding resources for urban foraging in India and the rest of Asia, so if anyone has suggestions for those areas, please drop a comment for others to see! Luckily there are some good urban foraging maps that accept entries for any city in the world, so if there’s nothing for your country below, those maps are a good place to start.

Urban Foraging Resources

8 Urban Foraging Resources

1. RipeNearMe – This foraging map allows folks to buy, sell and share their urban bounty. It’s a worldwide resource, and most of the map points right now are in Australia and New Zealand.

2. Falling Fruit – An interactive map with urban fruit locations across the globe!

3. Edible Cities – Another worldwide map. Folks can email or tweet new entries!

4. New Zealand Fruit and Food Share – New Zealanders can map and find urban food plants with this handy Google map.

5. Foraging & Feasting – This hardcover book talks about 50 plants that you can forage almost anywhere in the world and gives ideas on how to cook them.

6. Tips for Urban Foraging – This article contains some general tips for any urban forager and a few US resources.

7. Recommended Books – These books focus on food foraging in Britain and the EU.

8. Foraging for Food in Scotland - This article has some great tips on finding wild mushrooms and other edibles safely.


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