8 Ways Celebrating Earth Day Can Save You Money

April 22nd, is Earth Day. A day when the world takes just a few minutes out of its busy schedule to do something nice for Mother Earth. Although it’s a great day for raising awareness about environmental issues and small lifestyle changes that can help reduce your carbon footprint, many people feel like Earth Day doesn’t really matter.

After all, planting a tree or riding your bike to work once or twice won’t save the planet. So what’s the point? Besides, you still have plenty of clean water and the sky is still a pretty bright blue. Why not wait until things actually get bad before going out of your way to “go green”??

Money. Even if you don’t care about the planet, chances are you care about money. Making more of it, saving it, and using it wisely. The simple truth is that a wasteful lifestyle is bad for your budget. It might take a while for those small, seemingly insignificant acts of “green” to make a difference on a global scale, but they’ll have an almost immediate impact on your daily expenses.

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