9 Amazing Animal Friendships (Videos)


It’s hard to stereotype the relationships between animals of a different species; sure, sometimes cats and dogs don’t get along, sometimes snakes want to make a snack out of hamsters, but that’s not always the case. Check out some truly inspiring cross-species animal friendships — perhaps us humans can learn a think or two  about getting along with others!

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1. Dog & Dolphin

Wow – take a look at this! Nearly every day of the week, this yellow labrador joins a dolphin in the harbor for a swim!

2. Snake & Hamster

Make no bones about it, snakes are predators to hamsters. In fact, the hamster was introduced into the snake’s cage as a meal! That’s not how it panned out, however; now the two are roommates!

3. Cat & Pug

What a good friend! This kitten is giving Toby the pug a massage.

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4. Dog, Guinea Pig, Cat and Rabbit!

Yep, these four cute critters are the best of friends!

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5. Kitten & Pit Bull

What happens when you introduce a pit bull to a two-week-old kitten?! Why, they become fast friends, of course!

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6. Hippo & Tortoise

Owen the Hippo and Mzee the Tortoise became an international sensation after their unconventional friendship in the wake of natural disaster hit the news. Owen, a baby at the time, was rescued from the aftermath of the devastating 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. He was rushed to an animal sanctuary in Kenya, where he instantly rushed to Mzee, a 130-year-old tortoise.

For more info on the two, and videos, check out their website!

7. Sheep & Dog

Jack is a 6-month-old sheep — but don’t tell him that! Just after he was born, he wandered inside his farm’s house and befriended the family dog. Since then, he and the dog have been inseparable, and Jack has even taken on canine habits. He plays fetch, goes for walks on a leash and even tries to bark. When Jack is put with the rest of the flock, he doesn’t try to join his fellow sheep. Rather, he tries to herd the sheep just like his dog companion does.

8. Dog & Orangutan

Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the dog became fast friends at a South Carolina animal sanctuary. Watch this National Geographic video about their first encounter!

9. Dog & Bunny

These friends are sharing a carrot — too cute!

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In friendship, there's no difference

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What a wonderful world of friendship! Thank you )

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interesting that many of us were a bit uneasy about the snake/hampster relationship. hard to read a snake. would like to know it that little hampster is still around! i wonder how the other reptile really feels about that hippo...at least it couldn't eat it. many of these animals would normally be enemies and some might eat the other. that is normal and natural in nature. the amazing thing is that something caused them to react differently. i wonder if there are any theories on why.