9 Easy Ways to Boost Brain Power

By Leonard J. Hansen, AgingCare.com

Forget almost everything you have been taught over the years about the aging human brain. Almost 70 years ago, a scientist declared that the aging brain diminished in memory, agility, and functionality while increasing in senility. Without much challenge, this theory was accepted for decades and taught as fact.

In reality, more recent studies have shown that the aging brain can continue to function actively and effectively if we recognize its needs for nutrition, challenge, reducing stress, exercise and more. “Use it or lose it,” say authors Alan D. Bragdon and David Gamon, Ph.D., in their book by the same title.

Many of today’s older adults have also been influenced by the long-time assumptions that the brain, mind and memory of an older person is a failing process. Therefore, they turn their daily lives to endless viewing of television, unhealthy eating, and increased complaining while also increasing personal stress. They abandon dreams and direction for the future.

1. Focus on nutrition: Proper nutrition is vital, particularly a diet strong in antioxidants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are vital to provide what other parts of the body or system may now be denying to the brain and its function. Other physical challenges are probably reducing the effectiveness of the immune system; therefore, the addition of all the more antioxidants can definitely benefit the brain and its function. Interestingly, most research endorses coffee and its caffeine ingredient as a benefit to better brain function. And caffeinated teas may be of similar benefit.

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2. Games, fun and solutions: Play games that call for thinking and evaluating before action. Playing cards with others can stimulate brain function while also providing sociable times with family members and friends. Puzzles, including crosswords, picture puzzles and word puzzles are great brain stimulants.

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3. Involve your kids: Ask them to work on and complete a puzzle or game with you every day, or every week. When such is accomplished, congratulate your child for being a great teammate. Again, social interaction boosts the benefit of doing fun puzzles.

4. Start a diary: Start a daily diary, and even buy a quality book or binder plus a special pen to start. Share in the diary what you have accomplished over the years. The diary could also include “things or projects I want to do,” so to define many positive events and projects for the future. When you start sharing about tomorrow, a lot of stress and depression can start to disappear.

5. Stop smoking: Of course, this will be a challenge. But there are no benefits, but only negative effects to the brain from smoking. Smoking also contributes to diseases, including COPD.

6. Invite visitors over: Loneliness is a real downer for some adults, particularly if they withdraw from social events or relationships. Invite visitors to spend time with you, whether on a one-time or weekly basis.

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Easy Ways to Boost Brain Power originally appeared on AgingCare.com

7. Start walking: Physical exercise and movement is vital to the functioning of the adult brain and its best functioning.Daily walking, even several times around the block, is something that almost anyone can do. If you have current challenges in walking, perhaps 30 minutes each day, then in-home exercises, as simple as standing on one leg for 12 to 20 seconds and shifting to the other leg, may be appropriate and effective. The exercise produces aerobic benefits to the brain as well as the lungs, heart and general physical condition.

8. Keep laughing: There’s something to be said for the old saying “Laughter is the best medicine.” The act of laughing has been proven to have health benefits. If you are isolated a lot, movies and books can provide entertainment. Both Netflix.com and blockbuster.com enable you to order movies online and they will be delivered directly to the home no need to run out to the video store.

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9. Get out of the house: At least once each week, go somewhere. It may to a restaurant or bistro for a meal, a visit to a fair, entertainment or special event in your region or, even something as simple as lunch. This continues to open the world to you, while ensuring that you are still part of it.

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Easy Ways to Boost Brain Power originally appeared on AgingCare.com


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Harsha Vardhana4 years ago

Attitude of gratitude - the most important calming and nourishing factor for life and brain!

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No mention of vitamin B12...crucial for brain function!

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey4 years ago

I was suprised to see standing on one leg as a beneficial form of exercise. I do this regularly(everytime I use the microwave,and for the sake of it ) standing on 1 leg for a minute at a time. The reason for my doing this, is there is nothing better for improving one's balance-very necessary in preventing falls-something older people are probably more concerned about, such as myself. I have gotten so good, I can, instead, swing the free leg side to side in front of my body, and am able to do this with my eyes closed. This single activity Absolutely provides a whole body workout, especially the core muscles of the body(mid drift) which are so important for a healthy back and balance. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to improve one's balance. No sweat involved and definitely improved balance within a week. If you can't swing the free leg from side to side, simply stand on one leg alone for at least 15 seconds per leg. With or without shoes.

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Liny T.5 years ago

thanks. great tips on boosting brain power ;)

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use it .....or lose it....

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Thanks for the good info

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Remember gratitude, and getting rid of anger!