A Better Lemonade Stand

Setting up a lemonade stand is the first business venture undertaken by many kids. It’s easy enough–all you need is a table, lemonade, some ice, disposable cups and money for change. If a lemonade stand is part of your little ones’ summer fun, here are a few ways to make their enterprise a bit more healthful for their customers and more soulful for them:

1. The lemonade: Forego sugar-laden powdered lemonade mixes or heavily sugared homemade recipes. Here’s a delicious lemonade made with honey: Place 10 sliced lemons and slightly less than a cup of local honey in a large container (can be a large pot). Add 20-25 cups of boiled water and allow to steep for 10-12 minutes. Cover and refrigerate overnight. This recipe yields 20-25 cups of lemonade. You can experiment with this recipe in a smaller batch and tinker with the amount of honey and the steeping time based on your tastebuds. Also, be sure to advertise your lemonade is made with honey on your signage!

2. Healthy add-ons: In addition to offering lemonade, keep a basket of locally grown or organic seasonal fruits available for purchase.

3. Recyclable cups: Serve your lemonade in recyclable cups. If customers consume the lemonade at your stand, be sure to have a bag to collect the cups.  If they take the lemonade to go, you can tell them the cup is recyclable so they know they have that option. You can also let customers know if they bring their own reusable cup, they’ll get a five cent discount.

4. Give back: As the cash rolls in, your kids may rejoice at their getting closer to the purchase of that much-desired video game, Silly Bandz, or whatever the latest must-have is. When discussing the set-up of the lemonade stand (or any money-making venture), consider pointing out that a portion of the proceeds can be donated to a charity selected by the children.  It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn how their initiative can directly benefit others as well as themselves.

As they work their stand, be sure your crew is protected from excessive sun exposure and that they stay hydrated (with something other than the lemonade!)


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