A Guided Forgiveness Meditation

When you do this meditation, you will be able to perceive the emotional cords that exist between you and others.

You will be able to follow those cords to their source, at which point you will encounter the people and situations with whom you have issues that you need to resolve through forgiveness. Then you will have the opportunity to directly offer forgiveness to, or request forgiveness from, the High Self of the person with whom you are connected.

Forgiveness Meditation
Close your eyes and ground and center.

See yourself as a transparent being. Focus your attention along the vertical alignment at the central core of your being, which may appear as the trunk of your sacred tree. Seek the sensations that identify the chakra centers. You may perceive them as luminous wheels of light. Take the time you need to allow these images to become strong and clear, in whatever way they develop. That may be through feelings, thoughts, knowing, or images, or your own personal and unique perception….

Begin by focusing on the first wheel of light at the first chakra center at the base of your spine. Look there for the threads and cords that emanate like branches or twigs. You will see lots of connections, many of which are luminous and some of which are dark and dense or brittle. Reach in with your inner hand to remove those dark cords that come away easily.

Choose one of the dense cords that remain, and follow it to its source. There you will get a picture or thought of the person at the other end of the cord. When you perceive the being at the other end, you will know whether you must offer forgiveness or ask for it.

Open your heart as best you can….Offer forgiveness by saying in your mind to the person, “I forgive you completely.”

If you feel you need forgiveness from the person at the other end of ht cord, ask what you can do to be forgiven, and be willing to negotiate…

Notice as the dark and dense cord that connects you either vanishes or turns clear and luminous…

Work your way up through the chakra system from the first to the seventh chakra, dealing with as many cords as is reasonable and comfortable.

When you have dealt with as many of the cords as you care able to at the moment, release the image you have created and ground and center yourself. Notice how much lighter you feel.

You can return to complete the work over a period of time, after which maintaining clear chakras is easily accomplished by checking in and doing the exercise periodically.

Adapted from Alchemical Healing, by Nicki Scully (Bear & Company, 2003). Copyright (c) Nicki Scully, 2003). Reprinted by permission of Bear & Company.
Adapted from Alchemical Healing, by Nicki Scully (Bear & Company, 2003).


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