A Lasting Look At Man’s Best Friend

Unwanted dogs on canine death row in Taipei are being captured on camera minutes before they’re put down. The resulting photographs are now being put on display in a disturbing exhibition. Photo Credit: Beverly & Pack via Flickr.

A Lasting Look At Man's Best Friend
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Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

katarzyna phillips

i'm glad that as a result of this video, a lot of people are "taking pet ownership more seriously". i hope his campaign goes farther than that and reaches the people who kill the dogs as well and make then have a change of heart. as the article says, the belief is that dogs are reincarnated from people who were bad in a previous life, yet most dogs want to give affection and love, if they are given a chance too. most evenings, my little 'un, a 'dog' called Tian [quite apt name really for the situation] comes over for love and strokes and puts his head on my lap and gives me his paw as i stroke his chest. if i were to call him over now, he'll get out of his basket, all sleepy eyed and come over to me and gimme kiss if i ask. love works both ways and i wouldn't want to be without him

paul m.
paul m.3 years ago

I like my dog ,,,she's asleep ,we'll go out soon , now my cat wants to walk over my computer but the're my friends.

Fiona T.
Fi T.3 years ago

They're always our best friend

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

a sad reality. i respect him so much for his efforts. hopefully if he makes any money from his work he can use it to further his cause

Jessica J.
Jessica J.4 years ago

What a brave man, to look the animals in their eyes and keep their faces for people to see in his exibition. He cares, that's why he is making the effort and it must break his heart... All my animals are rescues, ALL are neutered but still, so much pain in the world that I cannot reach.


Good job the photographer did, sad but real , and maybe that opens human hearts!!!!!!!!!!


I wasn't strong enough to see the video , cause Im sure it would break my heart in pieces , but I hope that video shows at schools, movies , tv, and the more places they can show it even at Times Square in NY , so maybe that way people woudl do something about it. Animals are innocent, loyal , kind and deserve to live and live well. There's an overpopulation of evil humans and they sure are bad, so why don't they also get euthanized ??? they do deserve it... For me I could have in front of me an ill human and an ill animal, I definitly I would help the ill animal, cause humans can defend themselves somehow , animals can't.

Hollie H.
O O.4 years ago

This is so sad and sickening but THIS IS REALITY AND not just in Taipei but here in the USA as well as in the rest of the world. I hope and pray that this exhibit goes around the world to help show people how beautiful, sweet, loving, loyal, intelliegent and INNOCENT OF WRONG animals are killed just because people aren't responsible and don't have their animals spayed and neutered. I shed many tears after seeing these pictures and I know that others will feel the same and take action to help and educate others to help stop the insanity of having to do this to these babies. I already volunteer at the shelter, donate, petition, write letters, make calls to make a difference for animals and I CHALLENGE OTHERS to do the same.TAKE ACTION AND IF ARE UNITED WE CAN STOP THE KILLING!

Carol Micek
caroline m.4 years ago

So sad too many animals are put down for no reason they did nothing wrong not like some humans. People wonder why I say I like animals better than people this is one of the reasons.
Some people never think things through get puppies or kittens when you are 65+ ,get a animal when renting so that when you move it may be to a place where they don't take animals . People need to think before getting a animal so that the animal does not get the short end of the stick.