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Last winter, when set decorator and interior stylist Kate Dougherty began decorating the Suno offices, her mandate was to warm up the drab midtown space. “It was super corporate, with white walls and metal framing,” she said. Dougherty took her inspiration from the African influences behind the line, adding color and patterning to create the look of a “traveler or explorer’s den,” as she says.

Here is a look at the characterful interior, which features Congolese fabrics, vintage American finds, and custom European pieces.

Above: The relaxed showroom is rich with collected objects Dougherty sourced from all over Kenya, each one representative of the Suno brand. A framed dress from the first collection graces the wall above the sofa.

Above: For the showroom sitting area, Dougherty mixed a West Elm sofa with an artisan butterfly chair made by Buenos Aires-based Lifestyle by Cara.

Above: Clothes are displayed on simple metal racks. Suno founder Max Osterweis commissioned a local graffiti artist to create the mural on the wall.

Above: The book ends are made of railroad ties sourced from upstate New York; the small frames are antique West African playing cards.

Above: To add interest to simple Ikea cabinets, Dougherty washed the front in Annie Sloane’s chalk paint in Old White and replaced the metal hardware with DIY leather pulls.

You spend many hours there, so why not make the most out of your office? See A Clubhouse for Creatives, SF Edition and A Redesigned Studio in Marin for more workspace inspiration.


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