Accept & Release (video)

Hey Spirit Junkies! This week’s vlog is about accepting and releasing those who harm us. When we feel attacked or judged by others our immediate response is to attack back. This never works. When we attack back we’re investing in the other person’s fear-based illusion. By investing in their fear we experience more fear. This vlog guides you to take action towards detaching from the need to attack back. Enjoy this three-step process to accept, release and set yourself free. For further guidance releasing listen to my guided meditations.


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jayasri amma
jayasri amma3 years ago

thank you Just the extra words I needed I have been traveling the course and your insight helped me see

Alyson Crispin
Alyson Crispin4 years ago

thank you Just the extra words I needed I have been traveling the course and your insight helped me see

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda4 years ago

I find that accept, forgive, release is very easy and I don't even have to do that anymore, as I don't really get hurt.
However, it has been my policy that if someone really goes for my jugular, that I then avoid them. No matter how close they have been, I don't miss them.
Sometimes i wonder about my behavior, as some of these people may feel abandoned, yet I really don't want to reach out to them and get another dose of venom or physical attack.

Guy Kimble
Guy Kimble4 years ago

Sounds like some sound advise.

Suzanne H.
Suzanne H.4 years ago


Shell S.
Past Member 4 years ago

great advice. This does really work. I have done it a few times. Sometimes, I still let anger take over me before I think. Try very hard to breathe for a moment so you can gather your thoughts. That helps. Then it's much easier to do this. : )

Arthur Goh
Arthur Goh4 years ago

Good advice Gabby.

It takes maturity not to be drawn into retaliation when one is hurt. It also takes wisdom to forgive, forget and making the choice to walk away from conflicts.

My late grandma once said, "forgiveness" is to forgo one's right to hurt back. And, children must be taught this value as soon as they could utter their first word.

Liz Edwards
Joan Edwards4 years ago

"Detach with love"
I have no business looking in someone else's brain.
What someone thinks of me is their issue, not mine. I can focus on me in my view of the world instead... gladly and with gratitude.

Douglas S.
Douglas S.4 years ago

Very cool and thank you for sharing.

Lidia F.
Lidia F.4 years ago

Nice video that I didn't watch.I for one,will never be over sunny,and not let go.No matter how I have tried,it shall be so till I am dead.I am glad for him he will find happiness elsewhere.:)