Adorable Pugs Dance for Dinner (Video)

This Care2 employee doesn’t just love “making a difference,” he loves pug dance performances, too. But seriously, who wouldn’t love the adorable ballerina twirls this enthusiastic pug performs right before dinner? We hope you enjoy this cute submission from a loving Care2 pet parent.

photo credit: findingtheobvious, via Flickr

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Dt Nc
Dt Nc11 months ago

Thanks for sharing. Adorable.

Rhonda B.
Rhonda B.about a year ago

I have 3 cats , but I also have a sweet Pug. Cute, thank you.

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G.1 years ago

cute :):):)

Andrea Jarich
Andrea J.1 years ago

So cute. Thanks for sharing.

Robert O.
Robert O.1 years ago

Cute indeed! :)

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold1 years ago

Cute. But then pugs are so adorable it had no chance to be anything other than cute.

Janis K.
Janis K.1 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola1 years ago


Jennifer M.
Jennifer M.1 years ago

Cute, thank you

Alan Lambert
Alan` Lambert1 years ago

Forwarded to my dog lovers