Affordable Home Solar Kits

Lost in the recent spate of bad news about the Solyndra solar incident has been more important good news about the declining cost of solar technology for consumers. Westinghouse Solar said in a recent press release that they have home solar kits costing less than three thousand dollars, depending on state rebates and tax credits. For example, installation of their four panel system in Hawaii costs less than $1,500 after federal and state incentives, they say. With the same incentives, a four panel system is less than $900 in New York state. In California, the same solar kit is about $2,300 after federal incentives, and could be less with state tax credits or rebates, (but there seems to be come murkiness currently in the Golden State’s home solar program.) The cost of a home solar kit in New Jersey could also be affordable, due to their incentives such as exemption from the seven percent sales tax for home solar systems. Westinghouse says their four panel system installed in New York would save enough money to make back its’ cost in about four years.

“What these dramatically lower prices mean is that ‘going solar’ is now a terrific investment and, like in Germany, the rooftop solar industry has the potential to grow faster than any other market segment,” said Westinghouse Solar’s CEO Barry Cinnamon. (Source:

The Westinghouse four-panel home solar kit generates about 940 watts of electricity. That might be enough for about fifteen percent of a typical home’s energy consumption. The twenty panel kit should create about seventy percent of a home’s energy needs. They also have a one panel kit, for those who are interested in trying out the technology yet spending very little to do so. Extra panels can be added later. Each home solar kit comes with the necessary components to complete the installation, meaning no additional parts should be required, unless there are some unusual conditions.

This website lists various incentives by state. Some incentives are over one dollar per watt. The Westinghouse Solar website shows their home solar kits.

Installation of photovoltaic systems has increased 69% in the last year, and the trend is likely to continue even with the current general economic stagnation. If the overall economy was doing better, it is likely there would be even more home solar installations. It doesn’t matter what some corrupted politicians are saying, the solar market is still growing and will grow because renewable energy is better for our own health, and better for the planet.

Disclosure: the author of this content has no commercial relationship with Westinghouse Solar, and never has.

Image Credit: Jake Richardson

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JL A4 years ago

good to know to debunk persistent myths

Chad A.
Chad Anderson5 years ago

Great practical information!

Theresa B.
Theresa B.5 years ago

This is good to know that there are some place that making this solar panels low cost. I just hope that low cost be available in our area too.

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Ruth R.
Ruth R6 years ago

Getting on track again. Good.

Lynn C.
Lynn C6 years ago

Wow! Great news. Now just as soon as I have a roof or yard to put them in.....

Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

Our home has been solar and wind powered for 30 years, I cannot imagine living in a world where one must pay an electric bill.

Beyond solar and wind, we have 2 composting toilets, grow much of our own food, recycle and reduce our consumption, we produce our own fuel, biodiesel.

Our Aquaponics business is solar and wind powered, we do have a generator backup but I have to remember where we installed it. To date, we have never used it.

We did all of this before it was a fad, "the Green Revolution", before subsidies or credit and rebates. We felt that we had no other choice and yet, many continue to cite a laundry list of excuses.

My suggestion to others is: stop looking for excuses, start small if you must but get started.

Alamzeb Akhund
Alamzeb Khan6 years ago

Solar enegy may help to end pollution.

Dana W.
Dana W6 years ago

I would love to incorporate solar panels but am deterred by the cost, wondering if I'll be able to afford to stay in my home long enough to recoup the money, and a strict homeowner's association.

Jess Carson
Jess Carson6 years ago

Great news to know! I will totally be checking this out!!

Jess Carson
Jess Carson6 years ago

Great news to know! I will totally be checking this out!!