Agroecology Vs. Industrial Farming (Infographic)

We all know that sustainable farming tends to be better for the environment than industrial agriculture, but just how pronounced is the difference between the two farming methods? Can they make a radical difference in the health of the earth, water, and even the people of the farm communities?

According to this new infographic from The Christensen Fund, the answer is a resounding yes. These different types of agriculture can have incredibly varied and far-reaching impacts on the earth. They affect the soil, the sky, and everything in between, and they even alter the welfare of the people in the community around the farm.

As you might guess, the more natural approach of agroecology is much more beneficial to the land and people (yet can still sometimes triple crop yields), while industrial agriculture tends to harm its surroundings, hurt biodiversity, and even contribute to climate change.

Check out the fascinating infographic below, and you’ll be well-prepared the next time someone asks you if sustainable agroecology is worth supporting!

(Click on the image to see it larger.)

Courtesy of The Christensen Fund, by Column Five Media



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We're eating too much food.

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Ok thanks for sharing it's lovely and true. Now let's really look at what changes we might have to be making. Check out the huge Three Gorges Dam in China on Google Earth. Now check out what is surrounding the dam on the mountains. It's thousands of rice patty fields. They have to have them on the mountains, because the flat land is taken up by farms to feed people. China is huge & it's full of farms. We have more people on the planet every second. What about the rubbish dump we create by over packaging things & not being responsible for our rubbish which has resulted in a huge floating rubbish mass larger than Texas full of plastic bottles & plastic bags in the ocean. Are you recycling your envelopes and reusing paper for notes where you can? Check out Google Earth again and see for yourself how much forestry has been cut down in Indonesia alone, let alone Borneo and other places. Brazil has just signed a deal to cut down a lot of their forestry which will be going to China to use. Have you noticed fish starting to run out all over the world? In Australia we have to get calamari from China because Australian waters don’t have the demand for the people here. These are the REAL CHANGES WE HAVE TO MAKE, WE HAVE NO CHOICE! Do we need to eat bacon & eggs for breakfast and hamburger or meat sandwich for lunch then meat and vegies for tea? No we don’t. It’s all there to see on Google Earth. The truth of what we’re doing to this living b

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