Albino Whale Spotted Near Australia

One of the world’s only known albino humpback whales — Migaloo — has returned to an area near Green Island during his movements south. Migaloo is one of the most famous whales in the world. Albino whales are extremely rare. Whenever he is spotted, there is a high level of interest, so much so a law had to be created to protect him from distress due to a large number of tour boats coming too close. The law prohibits boats coming closer than 500 meters, and no aircraft lower than 2,000 feet. The fine for breaking the law is 16,000 Australian dollars. In 2003, a vessel struck him, which left him scars that still remain today.

This time around, Migaloo was filmed by a professional cinematographer so that footage could be given to the BBC who is producing a documentary about the white whale.

A local tour operator said of Migaloo’s reappearance, “He was at play in the tropical waters. He was just rolling around having a lovely time.”

There is a photo gallery of Migaloo here. He also has his own website. Supposedly, this Youtube clip is audio of his voice, but the images are of other whales.

The name Migaloo means “white fellow” in the language of indigenous Australians. He is believed to be about 22 to 24 years old. The lifespan of humpbacks is estimated to be about 30-50 years, though more research is being conducted.

Footage of Migaloo from Last Year

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

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I am sure the Japanese would love to get their harpoons into this whale for their so called "research". Albino whale stakes could bring them lots of $$$. Stop whaling now!

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Go vegan!

Jarrod Page
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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society saves whales!! Make a donation today!!

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Awesome .....Lets hope everyone stays their distance and gives the whales breathing space

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