All Aboard with Sea Shepherd: “They’re Trying to Kill Us”

Guardian environment editor John Vidal takes a tour of the “Steve Irwin,” part of the Sea Shepherd organization’s fleet of activist vessels that pursue marine lawbreakers with “aggressive non-violence.”


Lynn D.
Lynn D4 years ago

I think what you do is just great! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Bette M.
Bette M4 years ago

Captain Paul you just keep it up for as long as you can!!!!!
These whales need you more than ever before!!!!!

Wherever you are there once was a forest.
Plant & protect Danny's trees for life.
Trees are the lungs of the earth.

Brian M.
Past Member 4 years ago

There is no such thing as aggressive nonviolence. Either one supports a cause so strongly that one is willing to act aggressively on its behalf, even to the point of harassment and intimidation, or one is committed to the principle of nonviolence. The Sea Shepherd as much as one may be inspired by their goals does act aggressively. It may, depending on the eye of the beholder, be justified, but it is aggressive. Nonviolent means of action would be, for example, organizing a hunger strike in whaling countries. And, while it seems violent to me, I think it could be argued that self-immolation is an extreme act of noncooperative nonviolence. The question to be asked, however, is does engaging vessels at sea work better in the long term than engaging the public in whaling countries? I would suggest that changing the people directly would change the policies faster. Of course, a two pronged approach such as confronting whaling ships and confronting the people of whaling countries may also be advised.

shannon b.
S B5 years ago

ROCK ON SEA SHEPHERD!! I thank you for everything you do to enforce law in the oceans, and more so for the lives you save!

Bill K.
Bill K5 years ago

governments pass laws but then don't enforce them. thank you Sea Shepherd for protecting sea life before it's too late.

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

I guess it depends on your point of view. The Japanese have no need to "study" whales by murdering them.

Most of the whale meat they "harvest" they sell cheap because tastes are changing in Japan. As the older generations die the younger ones want nothing to do with it.

roseann s.
rose s5 years ago

We are just mere custodians and NOT permanent owners of this planet..Act responsible.

roseann s.
rose s5 years ago

We are just mere custodians and NOT permanent owners of this planet..Act responsible.

roseann s.
rose s5 years ago

Kudos to these brave warriors for standing up for the voiceless.

Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant5 years ago

I think the Sea Shepherd is a great organization. The Japanese are the criminals, and sneaky since they hide behind scientific research, well scientists in a big amount are also criminals.