Animal Dreams

Just the other night, I dreamed of a huge marine turtle who carried me along with her, swimming deeper and deeper as I held on to her shell. I woke with a feeling of wonder. Have you had an animal dream lately? What animals do you dream about most often? What messages do they hold for you?

Any object or symbol appearing in your dreams is filled with highly personal meaning (which is why commercial “dream dictionaries” aren’t much use), but it can be helpful to understand the deeper, archetypal significance of the animals in your dreams.

Find out what your dream animals may be telling you, right here:

Birds: Swiftness, change, new ideas, nesting, mating, territory, self-expression, lightness of heart.

Owl: Wisdom, seeing in the dark, finding one’s way.

Eagle: Far-sighted, powerful, taking the larger view.

Turtle: Bridging worlds, i.e. water and land, steady pace, stability, being protected, having what you need.

Frog: Metamorphosis, change, transformation, stages of life, healing.

Snake: Shedding old skins, healing, renewal.

Lizard: Craving warmth, primal feelings, primal needs.

Bear: Fierce guardian and protector, importance of dreams and sleep.

Big Cat: Grace, power, ferocity, fire, energy, swiftness.

Domestic Cat: Wildness with affection, wisdom, detached observer.

Deer: Dignity, grace, gentleness, beauty.

Dog: Loyalty, guardian, connectedness to clan, the physical body.

Horse: Movement, help, being carried along, powerful ally.

Rabbit: Fertility on many levels, renewal.

Butterfly: Change and transformation, flight, joy.

Spider: Web of connection, creativity.

By Cait Johnson, author of Witch in the Kitchen, (Inner Traditions, 2001).


LMj Sunshine

Fasinating, thank you,

LMj Sunshine

Fasinating, thank you,

LMj Sunshine

Fasinating, thank you,

LMj Sunshine

Fasinating, thank you,

Philippa P.
Philippa P6 years ago

Interesting. I dream of animals a lot.

Mary Backaus
Mary Backaus9 years ago

The animals and descriptions lited above make sense, but in my dream I transfomed into a big cat, a lion to bespecific. I cant make sense of it.