Animal Love: Pitbull and Cat (Video)

Animal love at its best…

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Karen F.
karen Friedmn4 years ago

So so Sweet!

Mirna Judith O.
Mirna Judith O.4 years ago


Shell S.
Shelli S.4 years ago

Better hurry up and euthanize the Pittbull, we all know how dangerous all Pitbulls are!
If anything, this video shows how ridiculous that is and it's the owner, not the breed..Even, in a case like that, the Pitbills are euthanized, even when the bad behaviour came from the owners. Sad. Good video!

Suzanne Loewen


aj M.
aj E.4 years ago

awe. wish my cats got along that well w/each other.

Valerie Hammett
Valerie Hammett4 years ago

very refreshing to the soul

Bruce S.
Bruce S.4 years ago

Wonderful....that they're best friends.

Magdalena K.
Past Member 5 years ago


Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener5 years ago


Genoveva Martinez
Genoveva M M.5 years ago

Absolutely beautiful. So much love between those two angels.