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Animal Rights

Watch Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs Experience Freedom for the First Time

The non-profit, no-kill organization National Mill Dog Rescue, (NMDR), recently rescued seventy-five surrendered breeding dogs from multiple puppy mills in Kansas and Missouri. National Mill Do…


Should You Report a Stray Dog?

Pop quiz. In which of these scenarios should you report a stray dog? A. You are on your way to work and you see a stray dog bolt across a busy intersection. B. You have seen a dog that looks wel…


3 Keys to Creating Healthy Vegan Meals

Many new vegans are curious about the health benefits of a plant-based diet and how to go about planning meals that will not only fulfill their nutritional needs, but may also improve their current le…


Would You Want to Be Buried With Your Pet?

Pet lovers celebrate their animals' birthdays, take them on family vacations and even include them in their wills. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that people would want to spend the afterlife with…


Sex Offender Kills K9 Officer, Bail Set for 1 Million Dollars

January 30th was a sad day for the Pittsburgh Police Department. Flags were lowered to half staff, tears were shed by the entire community, and officer Phil Lerza's heart was broken. His partner, who …


Russian Billionaire Saves Sochi Dogs

As final preparations were being made for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics ugly news trickled-out of this Black Sea resort that thousands of stray dogs would be exterminated before the Games began. Argu…


How the Stray Dog Controversy in Sochi Reveals Optimism

After I wrote up the first news item about Sochi's campaign to hunt and kill the city's stray dogs in preparation for the Winter Olympics, one of the comments really stuck in my craw. A woman named El…


3 Ways You Can Help the Dogs of Sochi + Video

If you've been watching the Winter Olympics from Sochi, you may have seen a stray dog or two on the ski slopes or at the opening ceremonies. Stray dogs in Socchi are a common site and the ones you've …


8 Incredible Animal Migrations (Slideshow)

  For most of us, the biggest migration we make to fill our most basic needs is a trip to the grocery store. Animals, however, are willing to go the distance, sometimes crossing oceans and con…


How Do You Deal With a Cat Hoarder?

The following is my best friend's story, who will be known as Ana going forward. She has written several pieces about her life with cats and rescuing cats from a variety of situations. She prefers to …


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