April Fools’ with Ginger (video)

By Lisa Spector, Canine Music Expert, Juilliard Graduate, and co-creator of Through a Dog’s Ear.

I’ve seen this video at least a dozen times in the last year, and I still laugh every time I watch it. I hope you do too. Enjoy and don’t let your pets fool you on  April Fools’ Day!

Do your pets do any funny tricks? Thanks for clicking comment below and telling us about them.

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Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.2 years ago

very cute

LMj Sunshine

Thank you!

Joe R.
Joe R.3 years ago

OK. This is my all time favorite dog video!

KS Goh
KS Goh3 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Valerie G.
Val G.4 years ago

So funny, LOL.
Looks so real.
Made my day!
It's now in my favorites...
Thank you Lisa!

Elena Arutiunova
Elena Arutiunova4 years ago

He-he, it was nice! But I think they really don't want our life :). Too many non-logical things and too much cruelty between people :(.

Latonya W.
Latonya W.4 years ago


Apryl Lucky
Apryl Lucky4 years ago

So funny,made my day! :)

Cindi N.
Cindi Nickle4 years ago

Very creative especially getting Ginger to eat the banana.

rene davis
rene davis4 years ago

so cute!