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Are Supplements Beneficial for Gallbladder Disease?

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When we buy direct from manufacturers, we bypass the retail store and go through their distributors and or practitioners thereby providing us with quality products at much better prices. We also then have the benefit of the practitioners advice which is often given free of charge. But, there should be no reason for practitioners to ever have to apologize for making a modest profit when offering quality products, as they either work for us or they donít. Working with practitioners has an advantage over stores because they offer personal service and follow up when you purchase from them. Never begrudge your practitioner that little profit even if you can buy it somewhere cheaper as that free consultation could be worth as much as their hourly fee is. Try to get that kind of service at a retail store.

I also like to work with practitioners and companies that offer at least a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee, so therefore whether my clients buy from me in person or on line from one of my websites or affiliate links, they can truly test how well something is working for them and get an optimal loading dose with the security of that money back guarantee. Try to get a 90 day money back guarantee from a store. Another plus is many companies offer auto ship options, where you save money each month. This way, when you are on a long term supplemental regime you get fresh product delivered right to your door each month.

In my practice, the most important product that I recommend, which is great for our general health needs daily, is a natural Omega-3 anti-inflammatory, antioxidant product. This just happens to also be especially important for gallbladder disease which it has its roots in inflammation and improper nutritional choices, just like most chronic diseases have. I’ve done a great deal of research on Omega-3 essential fatty acids and have experimented with many sources over the years. I would be remiss to just recommend going to a store and buying any over the counter, fish or flax oil for your Omega-3 needs. Because I see how vastly these products differ. I am aligned with both Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola, who have clearly stated the importance of daily supplementation with Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

However, I donít recommend the use of fish or krill oil, especially when they are privately labeled for these doctors own websites. I personally donít care for privately labeled products as I prefer to be able to follow the chain of all the ingredients, from harvest, to encapsulation. I like to know what I can about the entire manufacturing process, rather than trust someone to stick their label on something they get for a great price. I also like to be able to get the practitioner or a decision maker on the phone at the actual source and talk to them about their products ingredients. This is not possible with privately labeled supplements.

Instead, I recommend a unique source of Omega-3 which I use in my practice that you probably have not even heard of. I have found it to be the superior choice for natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. This particular product I refer to is an organic, cold extracted (no heat is used in the extraction process) marine lipid that comes from green lipped mussels. Green lipped mussels or GLM are a particular kind of shellfish (a.k.a. green shelled mussel) which come exclusively from New Zealand. GLM are bi-valve mollusks that contain a unique array of 18 Omega-3 essential fatty acids plus the two you find in fish oil, EPA and DHA, which were the first to be discovered and have also had the most studies done on them. 255 different conditions have been studied on the benefits of Omega-3 in either the treatment of or prevention of a given inflammatory condition.

The marine lipid extracted from GLM would not be appropriate for vegans, (however I have many vegan clients who give it to their dogs and cats daily). I find that it is acceptable to many vegetarians as it is as low on the food chain as we can get as it has no fins, feet or eyes. Furthermore the particular brand I use and recommend has had the protein molecules removed from the GLM to prevent seafood or shellfish allergies or aversions. This product is called Moxxor and one of the many reasons I am so impressed with it is the fact that it is 100 percent sustainable. The green lipped mussels are raised in their wild natural environment in the New Zealand Marlborough Sounds region. There, they are seeded onto long ropes which are suspended from buoys, where they eat their natural diet of phytoplankton that flows in from the south pole. The water is tested every 24 hours for purity and each batch is assayed for purity. The GLM are harvested at 18 months of age and chilled immediately for freshness. Moxxor is not available in stores because it doesnít have the big mark up necessary for retail sales that I mentioned above. Since I cannot in all good consciousness use or recommend krill, calamari, salmon, cod liver, or any fish oil, since they do not come from sustainable sources and I personally feel that our oceans are being ravaged by greed.

For example even though krill represent a huge bio mass and there are certainly a lot of krill in the sea, it is where they fish for them that bothers me and this then pollutes the most sensitive marine areas on the planet. Wherever whales can be found there you will find krill and it is of the utmost important to keep their habitat safe from the ravages of krill fishing. This is why thus far in my research I have chosen to recommend Moxxor besides the fact that it is the most effective product I know of in its category.

Furthermore, I have found fish oil supplements to be, for the most part, rancid when we buy them since they have been either estherified or molecularly distilled, which means treated with high heat, alcohol, solvents, deodorizers, and other chemicals which are used. They often contain supplemental vitamin D since so much of what they had in the first place has been destroyed in the heating process. This high heat process is done to rid the fish oils of their heavy metal load and other toxins.

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Celeste Yarnall

Celeste†Yarnall, PhD shares musings on myriad of topics at her†Celestial Musings Blog. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care with Jean Hofve, DVM and Paleo Dog.†Celeste†is an actress/producer/activist/writer and keynote speaker. She and her husband Nazim Artist created the Art of Wellness Collection and are the producers of Femme: Women Healing the World. They live in Los Angeles, California with their beloved Tonkinese cats. Join†Celeste†at†her website or on†Facebook.


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3:23PM PST on Jan 16, 2013

good to know

8:40AM PST on Dec 6, 2012

Thank you Celeste, for Sharing this!

7:30AM PDT on Mar 28, 2012

great info here , if you have the time please check out this little lens i have made covering similar subjects

thanks guys :D

3:54PM PST on Mar 6, 2012

I recently encountered some gallbladder trouble as well, I wanted to treat my symptoms but most of the supplements I found were unnatural and in pill form, I found a remedy online called Gallbladder Complete which is all natural and helped more then just my gallbladder. Check it out here

4:01AM PST on Jan 18, 2012

I use Moxxor for myself and dogs and have found it to be a lot better than anything I have found in quality omega 3's. It made visible differences to the dogs we trialled it on within mere days - big differences - suddenly a dog acting slow and 'old' at the young age of 6 was jumping around like a puppy again, and people I know who've who tried it notice a difference with arthritic pain from day 2 or 3.
I spent a long time searching for a cold-extracted omega 3 oils, because it is known within the natural rearing dog community the harm the heat in the processing does, and when Moxxor was mentioned to me I took my time and looked into it thoroughly but am v glad I tried it and have to say that everything about the company and product sits right with me and it does work, o.k. it would be nice if it were a bit cheaper, but it's a fact I'm afraid, that you get what you pay for quality-wise, and cold extraction is a costlier process than the ones which use heat.

2:55AM PST on Jan 18, 2012

Useful to hear this sort of practical stuff.

1:25PM PST on Jan 17, 2012

Thank you for the positive feedback everyone! I thought long and hard about recommending any brand names here but I cannot in good consciousness recommend something that I don’t have first hand experience with. I treat you all like you are my good friends and merely share with you in that spirit what I take and put in my own body. JUST a list of ingredients or supplment types is not really helpful as people will usually make a choice based on price and don’t have direct access to the companies sources for ingredients nor access to their formulators. For example sending you out to buy the Big Box store brand of fish oil for omega-3 would probably put your gallbladder into attack mode when MOXXOR I know first hand soothes it. I take it everyday... 3 x daily..I’m sure there are other brands that offer quality products but how can I know that if I have not taken them and have yet to find one that is not rancid? This article is more of a clinical nutrition approach to the gallbladder problem and knowing who makes what and what they put into the products has taken me nearly 20 years to learn and now I am confident enough about my choices to share them. Take from my work and writing what you can use and throw the rest out, that’s my motto! I sincerely hope this blog which is my labor of love is helpful to you. You all and hopefully being of help to you are the reason I write it! xxoo

9:16AM PST on Jan 17, 2012


5:49AM PST on Jan 17, 2012

The greatest benefits are for the peddlers of these supplements.

6:45PM PST on Jan 16, 2012

I really was expecting to find a list of beneficial vitamins and/or herbs on one of these pages. Instead, I find a three page defense of the author's choice of products. That's fine. I may even check out the website mentioned - But I'll have my eyes open and a tight grip on my credit card.

It seems more and more of these Care2 blogs are here to promote a product of some sort rather than providing helpful information. It's, to say the least, a bit disappointing.

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