Art for Animals

An animal rescue center in North Carolina is holding an art auction to raise money for their center. Their goal is to raise $20,000, and 100 percent of the proceeds goes to the animals, says their website. All the money can go directly to the animals because their organization is run with an all-volunteer staff. Their mission is to take care of animals that have been abandoned and abused.  They also address animal overpopulation issues. A fun fact from their website: “33 percent of dog owners admit to talking to their dogs on the phone or leaving messages on an answering machine while away.”

The auction items include paintings, art workshops, a quilt, a wooden bench, a chair, and many other items. The art auction is scheduled for July 31st in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Many Care2 readers are not in that area, but the auction could be an example of how to support animals, both as a donor and an artist.

While this story may not seem like big news, it is an example of people dealing with a difficult economic time when animals are often forgotten. Animal shelters are often taxed no matter the season or economic conditions, but currently many are swamped. A Google search using the keywords “animal shelters overrun” shows many current news stories.

It could be true that they are always overrun, but it does seem reasonable to say that in tough economic times for people, animals are also suffering.

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I hope they raised lots of money!

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