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Cosmic Calendar

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anyone reading this calendar on a daily basis should realize the kind of predicament we are in at the moment. The New Moon of Aquarius has just occurred last night, but simultaneously a void-of-course lunar cycle has started that lasts until 1:21PM PST today when the Moon shape-shifts into oceanic Pisces. Trying to make things happen your way in a take-it-or-leave-it manner won't win rave reviews. Mars square Jupiter (12:13AM PST) is a forceful reminder not to rock the boat in affairs of the heart and business matters. Venus trine Vesta in air signs (6:19AM PST) followed by a Mercury-Chiron union at 9 degrees of Pisces (6:53AM PST) appear to offer a cornucopia of investment riches and healing vibrations, but since they happen during a void lunar cycle, their intrinsic power to influence humanity is weakened. Once the Moon enters Pisces (1:21PM PST), uncertainty is still a keynote within the human kingdom. The reason is that Vesta makes an off-kilter, 150-degree tie with Pluto (5:27PM PST) just prior to the monthly Moon-Neptune union (5:30PM PST), and these two questionable aspects are followed by a clearly tense Venus square to Saturn (10:43PM PST). Play it safe with hard-earned income and savings. Don't fall prey to television ads, hustlers or sales pitches offering you heavenly treasures if you will only give them your social security card number, name and address. Master your financial domain with common sense and old-fashioned conservative judgment.

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N J.
  • N J. says
  • May 14, 2014 7:54 AM

I thought I saw a full moon outside my window this evening, Wednesday, May 14....

Sue H.
  • Sue H. says
  • Mar 4, 2014 8:14 PM

Seriously??? Why leave this up year after year????

Nirmala J.

Actual cosmic calendar for Feb 17:
Strange forces are on the prowl on this third Monday in February. First of all, the Moon in the latter degrees of earthy Virgo this morning is void until 10:24AM when airy Libra takes the lunar baton for a 2+ day excursion. When the Moon is void, uncertainty is on the rise and it is much better to be finishing odds and ends than engaging in new undertakings. Meanwhile, there is a role reversal from four days ago on February 13 when the Sun moved 45-degrees to Uranus while Mercury formed a 120-degree trine with Vesta. Now Mercury is making the somewhat frictional, 45-degree contact with Uranus (5:01AM) while the Sun plays the role of Mr. Nice Guy by making a trine with Vesta (8:26PM). The Mercury-Uranus encounter can equate with rising mental fatigue or communication and transportation snafus while the Sun-Vesta alignment can give you awesome clues about which way economic markets are heading. Utilize the Moon’s placement in Libra to enhance your primary partnerships. Take a good look at the current state of your circle of friendships, as well as your group activities, team sports and community involvement, as the Sun bids farewell to Aquarius tomorrow."

Nirmala J.

It's a full moon today, Feb 14 and the moon is in Leo, I believe...

madeleine watt

I had never heard about hanging raspberry branches around your doors, etc. before. Very cool thx.

Linda C.

Last day of May? It's June 12th!!!

Mark D.
  • Mark D. says
  • Jun 10, 2013 4:17 AM

I just read the cosmic calendar and the moon is not in Aquarius. It is currently in Gemini. Okay, what gives?

Nirmala J.

Someone at Care2 Astrology needs to wake up!

Mark D.

48 hours after a Full Moon? Not quite, there is a waning crescent moon currently right now (new moon right around the corner). Yes something must be wrong here.

Wendy M.

Obviously something wrong with Care2 Astrology recently. Yesterday (June 4, 2013) was for May 31st. Today's is for the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd.
Hope you get this fixed soon

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people are talking

Rather sad that Care2 has not updated these

Great advice - thanks!

Off by a day - That was yesterday ;)

Surprisingly accurate

I thought I saw a full moon outside my window this evening, Wednesday, May 14....

N J. N J.
on Cosmic Calendar
99 days ago