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Monday, January 21, 2013

Some people think you can be irresponsible -- but they don't know what's really happening! You just try to take care of what you see as most important, and that doesn't always agree with their view.

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Nicole Andrea

LOL - I had 3 hours of sleep. I tend to catastrophize... I'm glad that you somehow validated my lack of cheeriness so that I can amble on... in a slightly better mood


I am born on the cusp......... Wonder at times
what is being told or predicted should apply or not

Pim K.
  • Pim K. says
  • Apr 21, 2012 4:38 AM

Sometimes I wonder if i'm on the cusp or some such! ;0) Lost my energy some where, I told there's a lot of it for me today, darn if I know where! Must be some Sags. out there with some. Can't have us all running round like spring chicks! lol!

Carol Kemp

Forgot, poor animals are an hour behind with the clocks going forward! I get up, they are still in bed, I take their feed they are not waiting cos I'm early. Glad the overview suggested I would be feeling more enthused. Will see! ;0)

Carol Kemp

Sounds good to me!

Vicynthia Tjahjadi


Paula Hurley

noted, thanks

Mahesh S.


Santanita G.

I need help with my home office.

Scherry D.

I need fung shui help in my office!

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people are talking

Off by a day - That was yesterday ;)

Surprisingly accurate

I thought I saw a full moon outside my window this evening, Wednesday, May 14....

N J. N J.
on Cosmic Calendar
76 days ago

Glad to see astrology back on here!

Good advice :) and exactly what I have been doing over the past month.