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articles by: Avery Hurt

Open Wide and Take Your Fluoride?

From time to time over the years, I’ve heard people going on about the dangers of fluoride in the water--from obscure health risks to government conspiracies intended to keep the population compliant.…


Happiness Is Good for You

I’ve always cringed at research (and opinion) that suggests that optimists, or just people with good attitudes, are healthier. It sounds very much to me like a “blame the victim” mentality: If you’re …


Trust in Yourself

We’ve lost touch with our instincts—and that’s very much a problem. My past few posts haven’t been about very simple things. As I said, maintaining health is simple, should be simple, can be simple –…


Rosemary on the Grill

Our mothers passed on more than recipes when they taught us how to cook--even if they weren’t aware of it themselves. Many traditional foods and food combinations have turned out to be based on someth…


A Small but Scary Study on Statins

I received a press release last week that has bugged me for days. It described a small, observational study (a part of the larger, NIH-sponsored Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation) that found that c…


Eating Animalcules

I’ve been reading a lot lately about bacteria, both the kind that make us sick and the “good” kind that we need in (and on) our bodies to keep us healthy. It’s a fascinating topic, and one thing is ce…


Processed Junk Or Just Junk?

I often talk about “processed food” and “junk food.” Let me define my terms, because the categories overlap somewhat. By “processed” food I mean food that has been processed as a part of the industria…


Okay, No Hormones, But What Instead?

Now that we know that routinely giving hormone therapy (HT) to women in order to prevent diseases that increase in the post-menopausal years is not a good idea, many women and their doctors are wonder…


Osteoporosis: You Probably Aren’t Cracking Up

You’ve seen the ads: A hunched over old woman, looking either grouchy or sad, warns us what we’ll look like if we continue on our current course and let our bones crumble to dust. The facing photo sho…


Hormone Therapy in the Absence of Evidence

For many years doctors recommended hormone therapy (HT) for menopausal and post-menopausal women whether or not they were having difficulty with menopause-related symptoms (hot flashes, insomnia, mood…

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about Avery Hurt

Avery Hurt is a health and science journalist. Her work appears regularly in national publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, Newsweek, and The New Physician. She is author of Bullet With Your Name On It: What You Will Probably Die From And What You Can Do About It (Clerisy Press, 2007) and Don’t Worry, I’m Not Contagious: Your Guide to Staying Healthy in an Infectious World, due out from Clerisy, fall 2008. She is at work on her third book, on alternative medicine.

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