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articles by: Cherise Udell

5 Signs Your Cat May Revolt Against the Litter Box

I relish thinking outside the box and love other people who do, too. But when my cat thinks outside his box - the litter box that is - I am less than pleased. I am obviously not the only cat-owning hu…


How to Avoid Hitting Animals While Driving (Without Putting Yourself In Danger)

When driving, how far would you go to avoid hitting an animal? This week a novice driver in Utah was forced to answer that question when a raccoon suddenly appeared on the road. To avoid hitting th…


Dog Takes Bus Solo To Get To Dog Park

In recent weeks, if you happened to be a bus commuter in Belltown, Washington, you might have shared a seat with an unusually furry companion with a cold wet nose. That cold-nosed furry companion woul…


New York Bans Fracking For Health Reasons – Success!

New Yorkers received an early Christmas present, but not from Santa. Rather from their governor, who just announced that New York State will ban hydraulic fracking within its borders until the practic…


Fox News: Wall Street Thinks ‘Elizabeth Warren Is the Devil’

Fox News, or as many Americans like to refer to them, Faux News, is at it again with name calling and misinformation. This time one of their news hosts delivered this doozy, saying that Elizabeth Warr…


Dog Gets 3D Printed Legs And Runs For First Time in Life

Derby, a handsome husky with incredible charm, was born with severely underdeveloped front legs. His first family couldn't take care of him, so he was handed over to Peace and Paws, a dog rescue group…


Why Rudolph And His Reindeer Friends Are in Danger

In spite of their Christmas fame and status as Santa's sidekick, reindeer populations are declining worldwide, according to a recently published study in the Journal for Nature Conservation. Populatio…


How Not to Die While Shoveling Snow

Jack Frost and Father Winter combined forces last week and walloped the Northeastern United States with a massive snow storm. Long before many people could actually dig their way out of their home…


12 Wacky Weather Facts: From Moonbows to Blood Rain

With our warming climate, weird weather is making headlines nearly monthly - abominable snowstorms, crippling heat waves and  flash flood of biblical proportions. But weird weather has been around lon…


Man Almost Dies After Rescuing Cat from Fire

Dogs can be a man's best friend, but so can cats. Clearly, the Los Angeles man who recently risked his own life to save his cat from a building fire believed this to be true - and he was not going to …


about Cherise Udell

Cherise Udell is a mom, clean air advocate, anthropologist and feline aficionado with the nomadic habit of taking spontaneous sojourns to unusual destinations. Before her adventures in motherhood, she was an intrepid Amazon jungle guide equipped with a pair of sturdy wellingtons and a 24-inch machete, as well as a volunteer at a rainforest animal rescue center.

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