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A Flirt Pole Is Not Dog Fighting Equipment

If you haven't checked out my author page, let me tell you this: I live in Georgia. And not only do I live in Georgia, I live in southern Georgia, where it does not get merely hot in the summertime --…


The Potential Benefits of Shock Collars

The pleasure of hiking with your dog in the Western United States comes with a very specific danger: rattlesnakes. The highest concentration of rattlesnakes is in the West and Southwest, but a few spe…


Is the Cruel Practice of “Trunking” Real?

Earlier this month, Dogster's news writer Michael Leaverton shared a story that made everyone cringe. It was the first time we'd heard of "trunking," a horrific practice where two dogs are shoved into…


How Dogs Taught Me About Empathy

There are a lot of animals in my life. My family includes four rescued dogs, one purebred†German Shepherd, two quarter horse geldings, a host of familiar wildlife, and six donkeys. The donkeys are the…


Look Out For Fake Dog Rescues

Following my harrowing experience with a backyard breeder, I wanted to learn more about rescuing dogs and began volunteering at my local shelter. Before we decided to euthanize our aggressive dog, Ott…


5 Potentially Tragic Dog Behavior Myths

As a dog behaviorist, nothing makes my blood boil more than this headline:†"Dog on Trial after Attacking Child." Itís from a story on a Pointer-Hound mix named Milo, a dog who had never caused any …


Is It Okay for Dogs to Die on Duty?

We give good dog news along with the bad and the ugly, but it can be really upsetting to read a story like this one that ran last week in the New York Times. The story described the death of Ape, a do…


Iditarod Dog Found Dead in the Snow

Earlier this week, in a moving story about how a lost Iditarod sled dog found her way back home a week after somehow escaping from the race, we briefly discussed the dangers of the Iditarod. Accordin…


No Surprise: Pet Store Puppies Get Parvo

Dr. Eric Barchas is a practicing emergency veterinarian in San Francisco and Dogster's resident Ask A Vet. Every week he answers readers' questions about their pets' well being. While Barchas has year…


Why Shock Collars Do Not Work

It's amazing how many items intended to correct a dog's behavior only cause him fear and pain. There's a product called the SimpleLeash, a leash and shock collar combination that automatically shocks …


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