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Want to Work Harder? Take a Break

At Google, goofing off is the way to go. In fact, its encouraged. Engineers at the tech powerhouses Mountain View, Calif., headquarters are told to spend 20 percent of their work hours whether a c…


5 Time-Out Tips that Boost Creativity

Random moments of "unproductive" time don't just make you healthier, happier and more resilient. They help you work smarter, too. Here are 5 ways to take a break and boost creativity. Cut Yourself …


Life-Saving Hero Foods

An Edible Cure All day and into the night, a chef uses his hands and stands on his feet. Chop a hundred onions; peel a hundred pounds of potatoes; scale, gut and fillet 50 red snappers. And don't …


Surprising Health Hazards from a Lack of Sleep

Sleep, new research reveals, is a master regulator of health. A sleep deficit or disruption can create wide-ranging havoc, compromising our immune system, causing inflammation, and damaging our ge…


Want Happiness? Check This Formula

Research by psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, PhD, and colleagues has shown that it takes a tipping-point ratio of three positive emotional experiences for every negative one to create a thriving, flo…


Is Work Keeping You From Enjoying the Outdoors?

By Jon Spayde, Experience Life You know that immersing yourself in the natural world can refresh your spirits and lower your stress level. But your demanding job keeps you chained to a comput…


Conquer High Cholesterol

If the nation's health police had a 10-Most-Wanted poster, cholesterol's mug shot would be front and center. It stands accused of aiding and abetting the country's No. 1 killer: heart disease. But cho…


Stimulate Your Natural Rhythm

Since the advent of the light bulb, we've been able to brighten our world with the flick of a switch. And what a breakthrough that has been: Artificial light has given us more time to read and learn…

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Your Kitchen Garden

Jeanne Kelley is well known for inventing easy recipes that frequently appear in magazines like Bon Appetit and Cooking Light. So it was a bit of a surprise when her first cookbook, Blue Eggs and Ye…


Less Stuff, More Happiness

A few years ago, Sara Bongiorni and her family embarked on an unusual experiment in consumer awareness: They decided that, for one year, they would purchase no products that had been made in China. …


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