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Corgi Puppies Will Leave You Overjoyed (Video)

We can't explain it. The puppies aren't doing anything -- except being their newborn selves. This video perfectly captures the cute movements and curiosity of a puppy pack. Watch them be set free …


Daily Cute: Best Pet Adoption Ad We’ve Ever Seen

This is one of the most creative and compelling visual arguments for humane pet adoption we've ever watched. This clip is a little long, but it's worth the wait. Make sure you watch it in it's entir…


Daily Cute: Man Serenades Mesmerized Cattle with Trombone

The days of the snake charmer are not over. Watch a beautiful scene of cattle running throught their pasture, toward a musician who is waiting for them to be his audience. This clip really reminds u…


Daily Cute: Gorilla Reunites with Man Who Saved Him

Damian Aspinall, the founder of Aspinall foundation, raised this Gorilla for years before placing him in conservation in West Africa. After five years apart, Aspinall sees the Gorilla for the firs…


Daily Cute: Cat’s Rebel Move Might Be the Funniest Thing You See Today

It's hard to stay mad at a cat when you're laughing uncontrollably. Rules don't matter to this kitty, who likes to play mind games with her pet parent. Unfortunately, the scoreboard reads Cat: 1, Pe…


Daily Cute: Bulldog’s Uncontrollable Love of Watermelon

If only we all loved our fruits and vegetables this much! Watch this overexcited pup give a very clear message: I do not care about manners; I just care about watermelon. Related Daily Cute: Cat…


Surprising Facts About How Animals Sleep (Infographic)

From sea otters to the family dog, the animal kingdom has unique and diverse sleeping habits. As humans, it's easy to forget that the entire planet doesn't revolve around 6-8 hours of sleep, a cup of …


Daily Cute: Dogs and Imaginary Doors

Why take the chance? These dogs are trying to play it safe by treading lightly around doorways. You know, just in case there's actually a terrifying door there. Related Top 10 Ways to Protect Yo…


Daily Cute: Cat Gets Warm Like a Human

Remember coming home on those cold winter days, and stretching out in your favorite armchair next to the fireplace? This classic scene is not just for humans. Watch this cat sit upright and soak in …


Daily Cute: Sleep-Dancing Kitten

Are you ready for some fancy footwork? As if it weren't enough for this adorable little kitten to be snuggled against a kind kitty, it's doing a jig, too! We hope you have fun watching this sleepi…


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This is so true! If I could live on sunlight and air like some of the gurus have mastered, I'd never…

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by the way boo is a house rabbit, and runs free all day. I don't believe in caged rabbits.