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Be Uplifted By Dogs Playing Fetch in Wheelchairs (Video)

These dogs couldn't be happier, wheelchairs and all. Watch a group of excited, healthy dogs play fetch in a beautiful farm setting. We wish we could join them! photo credit: jimnista, via Flickr …


Start Preventing Food Waste in Your Home Today

In 2010, around one-third of the food produced in the United States was not consumed, and ended up being wasted. That is a troubling statistic, and represents a food waste crisis that if left ignored …


Angry Hippo Charges Speed Boat (Video)

This clip is both awesome and terrifying! Hippos look slow, even a little silly. Watch this video to see a territorial hippo in action. Related Bao Bao the Giant Panda's First Snow Day (Video) …


Bulldog Puppy Has a Water Bottle Battle (Video)

For this lil' bulldog pup, the bottle is half full. Watch one man's trash become another pet's treasure when this cutie discovers the wonder of a new toy. Related Pup Acts As Guide for Blind Dog…


Cat Plays Ultimate Game of Peek-a-boo Inside Suitcase (Video)

If you thought peek-a-boo was an innocent children's game, you thought wrong. Watch this cat take it to the next level from inside his pet parent's luggage. Is he training for the CIA or working tow…


The Man Who Spent 12 Years Trapped Inside His Body

Imagine having only one capability on this earth: your thoughts. "You don't really think about anything," Martin Pistorius, former coma patient, tells NPR. "You simply exist. It's a very dark place…


Puppy’s Belly Tickles Might Make You Explode from Cuteness (Video)

We post a high volume of cute content at Care2 -- but this clip might take the cake. Watch this sleeping, fuzzy, leg-shaking fur ball get belly scratched to his heart's desire. Related Puppy Tri…


Excited Puppy Spots His Owner and Can’t Contain Himself (Video)

If only everyone greeted us with overflowing love and excitement when casually spotting us. This little dog literally "jumps for joy" when he glimpses his owner. Must be true love! Related Puppy…


Cat Takes Notes–Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption Zooey the cat, from Care2 member Auntie L! First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for his clever caption: Shoppng list:"Loave…


Not-So-Sneaky Cat Tries Stealing Pizza (Video)

This hilarious cat is trying so hard to be sneaky, but he is completely in plain sight while pawing his pet parent's pizza dinner. His attempt is still a hilarious plan of attack! Related 7 Spec…


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My cat will only wet outside the box IF another animal is outside our home...then he tends to mark t…