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articles by: Heather L. Jones

Chlorine: What’s Behind Your Kid’s Red Eyes

Your teenager wants to work as a lifeguard at the fitness center, and you've signed up your youngest for swim lessons there. So you check out the indoor pool and take in the overpowering smell of chlo…


Acupuncture: Stick a Pin in Pain

Maybe you've been popping aspirin for your aching back for years, or your mother's arthritic knees don't seem to improve with medication. It's frustrating that with all the medical technology availa…


Air Quality and Kids: What’s Best?

On a warm and smoggy day last fall, my daughter came home from school and said the kids didn't go outside for recess because it was "too hot." I knew poor air quality was more likely the culprit. W…

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Your Diet Could Save Your Life

While the cause of cancer is still mostly a dark mystery, study after study indicates that diet plays a powerful role. In fact, researchers say one third of all cancers are diet-related, which would m…


Eating the Blues Away

We know food fuels our bodies, but it is important to realize that what we eat can also affect our mood. Sure, when we're down, a lot of us reach for chocolate or comfort food like mac and cheese or m…


Eat Mediterranean Style for Health

The thought of Mediterranean food conjures up images of bread dipped in olive oil, entrees sprinkled with nuts and crumbly cheese and olives by the handful, all merrily washed down with red wine. Why …

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Playing Fair (Trade) With Cotton

If the thought of toiling sweatshop workers gives you pause when you pull on your favorite cotton T-shirt, here's some comforting news: Fair trade cotton is a nascent but growing industry. While there…


Fair Trade: A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Buying Fair Trade is a laudable goal for the socially conscious: It's a practice that ensures safe working conditions and equitable wages for people in developing countries who, in the capitalist free…


about Heather L. Jones

Heather L. Jones worked at daily newspapers in the Bay Area for 15 years. She now lives in Davis, where she writes, edits, and teaches kids about organic gardening.

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