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600-1200 Pelicans Die in Peru

No one knows exactly what is causing the loss of so many sea birds and dolphins in Peru, but testing by the oil industry, a disruption in the food chain or a virus have all put been put forth as possi…


24 New Species Close to Extinction

There are many species that are listed as endangered, and efforts are being made to conserve them. However, with 24 new species of lizards, known as skinks, recently discovered in the Caribbean, this …


Obama’s Dog vs. Romney’s Dog

If you have been following the news lately you are probably aware both President Obama and Mitt Romney are being hounded by personal dog stories. Most recently it came to light that as a child the Pre…


Eating Less Meat is Better for the World

If you haven't been following some of the reporting on meat consumption over the last several months, you may not find it to be amusing that Forbes, one of the leading conservative publications has pu…


50,000 Animals Killed in Government Mistakes

Wildlife Services sounds like a government agency focused on serving wild animals, yet part of their activities includes killing them. Their website summarized its mission as, "APHIS works in a variet…


Blind Pooch Gets Guide Dog

A blind Golden Retriever named Tanner was experiencing regular seizures, and when struck by them would lose control of his bowels. A blind dog with this kind of problem obviously would not be as adopt…


Kiefer Sutherland Sings with His Dog (video)

Short and sweet is a phrase used to describe many situations, and this video of the celebrated actor playing acoustic guitar while his dog vocalizes is no exception. Image Credit: ertarantinian…


Chris Brown Selling Pit Bull Puppies for $1,000

Chris Brown has a number of pit bull puppies for sale at $1,000 each. SPCALA has said he is breeding and selling them, and he has a website called CB Breeds. However, people close to him were reported…


Abused Iranian Cat Gets Treatment in U.S.

An injured cat in Tehran was found with many abscesses and soaked in gasoline. It had also been shot in the face with a pellet. The cat was so unhealthy it was unable to move, according to the Iranian…


Bear Illegally Shot by Rock Star

A black bear in Alaska was illegally killed by former rock star turned reality TV celebrity Ted Nugent. Ironically enough, his reality TV show is called Spirit of the Wild, but killing one bear illega…


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