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articles by: Jake Richardson

Millions of Birds Die Yearly at Communication Towers

Approximately 6.8 million birds every year in the U.S. and Canada die because of the 84,000 communication towers in those countries. Birds are mesmerized by the lights on the towers and fly into cable…


Solar Power from Spinach?

Going green never tasted so good. Engineering students from Vanderbilt University have designed a type of solar panel using a protein from spinach, instead of costly silicon wafers. Photosystem I (PSI…


Dog Dragged on Freeway Survives

A woman and her son were driving on a freeway in Northern California when they saw something bouncing on the pavement behind a black pickup truck. The were horrified to observe it was a young dog, and…


Massive Bird Die-Off in Oregon

One of the worst bird die-offs in a decade has taken place in Oregon's Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. Avian cholera caused the die-off, but overcrowding of birds led to the increased transmission o…


Oil Remains in Gulf Two Years Later

Well over 600 dolphins have been found dead or very ill since the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. So far in 2012, 100 have washed up on beaches dead or very sick in Louisiana's Barat…


Penguin Stolen by Drunk Men

Three drunk men entered Australian Sea World illegally last weekend and swam with dolphins. After swimming, the men stole a penguin and videotaped it in the living room of their apartment. One of t…


Fracking Ban in Vermont?

The Vermont Senate passed a ban on hydrofracking recently, but the House still needs to vote on it. If they also pass it, Vermont will be the first state in American to ban fracking. "It brings Ver…


SUV Named After Extinct Cattle Species

The last of the urus wild cattle died in Poland in the early 1600s. Lamborghini has resurrected the urus name for its new SUV. A CNET writer put it a little more bluntly, saying it is "named after a d…


300,000 Cats in Vegas

The Las Vegas valley has an estimated 300,000 feral cats. This area is defined by surrounding mountains and includes the city of Las Vegas. About two million people live there, along with the very lar…


39 Pound Cat Goes on Diet

Adult male cats typically only weigh about six to twelve pounds, but a two-year-old tabby in New Mexico surpassed the average by over three times. He is close to 40 pounds and consequently is being pu…


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