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articles by: Liz Dawn Donahue

Stop the Dysfunctional Dating Cycle – Part 2

As you will notice, this is "part 2," of what will be a series of articles addressing dating issues and breaking some very common behaviors. Reading the first part of this series would be helpful …


Desperate for Love?

Is putting yourself out there in the world and making a conscious effort to look for a life partner being desperate? Unfortunately, that is the perception sometimes, although not in my book. It se…


Mr. or Ms. Wrong? Or Right?

When you decide to begin dating with a purpose of finding a life partner, sometimes it is difficult to know how much time to put into dating one person to find out if they are "right" or "wrong" f…


Soured on Love?

In the past few months, I have heard many people share their feelings about falling in love and being in a relationship.  Many people are soured from the experience and claim that they are perfectly h…


Internet Dating: 8 DOs and DON’Ts

My sister Jaime came into my office today and told me that one of our clients called and she needed to speak with us. I dropped everything, dialed her number and put her on speaker phone.  Prepared fo…


Find Your Dating Ally

I have been writing articles on Breaking the Dysfunctional Dating Cycle and Finding Love for quite some time now.  I love this topic as I really understand that dating struggle.  If you are just j…



It's time to rock the planet with LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, JOY & EVERYTHING GOOD!! I don't know about you, but I am getting tired of reading about all the atrocities in the news, the …


Finding the “Right” One

We have discussed in previous articles about how to know when a partner is not right for you. Click here to read the previous posts. It would be helpful in bringing you up to speed. Now, I would l…


Breaking Up

We all know the song "Breaking up is hard to do," and have heard from friends or even ourselves how difficult leaving a relationship can be or having someone break up with you.  It is so much easi…


A Mother’s Legacy

I'm deviating from my normal topic in this article to cover something very dear and near to my heart. This year, 2010, marks an important anniversary for me, my family and many others in the co…


about Liz Dawn Donahue

Liz Dawn Donahue was recently married after years of dating. She is the CEO of Mishka Productions whose signature event Celebrate Your Life, brings together people from all over the world to assist in raising the consciousness of the planet. CelebrateYourLife.ORG

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