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articles by: Meryl Davids Landau

From Near-Death to Cancer-Free: An Amazing True Story

I recently came across a woman whose story inspired—and floored—me and hope it moves you as much. Her name is Anita Moorjani. While she lives in Hong Kong, she will actually be speaking in the U.S. ne…


4 Spiritual Lessons from Eckhart Tolle & Oprah

It's hard to believe it was four years ago when Oprah led her famous series of web classes with spiritual master Eckhart Tolle. I was recently reminded how thrilling it was to be one of the millions o…


The Truth About Tantric Sex

There's a scene in my women's novel where the main character, Lorna, has an amazing sexual experience. It's not because her partner has any special abilities in bed, but rather that Lorna, on a new qu…


5 Natural Cold & Flu Remedies Worth Taking

Photo credit: Flickr/mcfarlandmo When those aches, sniffles and runny nose strike, many of us want to turn to natural cures. But I know from writing about holistic health for many years that not al…


50 Everyday-But-Overlooked Things to Appreciate

Photo by Krikit/ Flickr Imagine Thomas Jefferson, or even Natalie Wood, coming back to life today and seeing all that we have. They'd be stunned by the abundance and ease with which some of us live…


How Energy Healing Happens (Even Over the Phone!)

Photo: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn / Flickr Over the years I've been to a number of energy therapists who've used methods ranging from their hands to acupuncture needles to tuning forks to cure whateve…


6 “Symptoms” of Great Health

What's the opposite of health? If you're like most people, you said "illness." But anyone who's felt chronically listless or out-of-sorts without having a medical condition will tell you that wellness…


7 Shortcuts to Daily Bliss

Sure, the ancient yogis found inner bliss by stretching in their yoga poses and sitting on their cushions for hours on end. But we live in the real world—frequently too busy treading water to spar…


4 Ways Hypnosis Can Help

"You are getting sleepy"—or so the saying goes. But, actually, experts now know that hypnosis is nothing like sleep, because the brain is hyperfocused and aware, allowing it to be more receptive to "s…


A Yoga Pose for Every Problem

As a longtime health writer, certified yoga teacher and, most recently, the novelist of a book with a yoga theme, I'm impressed with the way science has increasingly put yoga under a microscope. A…


about Meryl Davids Landau

Meryl Davids Landau is the author of the new spiritual women's novel, Downward Dog, Upward Fog, which ForeWord Reviews calls "an inspirational gem that will appeal to introspective, evolving women." The novel was recently recommended by Yoga Journal's Blog and Spirituality & Health. Read excerpts at Meryl also writes for O: the Oprah Magazine, Whole Living, Reader's Digest and other national magazines.

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Raju, enjoy your retirement, I am so happy for you. Also a big thank you for his rescuers.

It's so wonderful to see Raju finally free+safe...he's actually recovering very nicely+has even made…

Poor thing.. 50 years old and only now knowing care and kindness..

Tom, my dear, taking contraceptives when you don't want to get pregnant is responsible. What's irre…

Good reminder. Thanks for the article. Glad I don't try any of these--lazy I guess!